Diagnostic Console

Docentric Diagnostic console is not released yet. However, some of the future elements are and System administrators can use them already.

Upgrade log

Upgrade log is a form introduced in version 3.4.5 and enables System administrators to: (1) view the upgrade log and (2) re-run Docentric Upgrade manager, which is important in cases when the upgrade manager failed during the upgrade procedure.


Docentric Upgrade manager serves to handle some changes of setup data which might be needed for upgrading to a particular product version. It runs only once after the upgrade procedure, when the first application session is created. If an error occurs during the upgrade procedure, it is shown as a notification to System administrators but now they can also see the error using the Upgrade log form.

The form can be invoked via the DocUpgradeLog menu item.

Clearing encrypted database fields

Usually, the upgrade procedure completes without issues, however we noticed one situation when it might fail. This happens when the database is migrated, e.g. from Production to UAT, because these environments, although belong to the same tenant, might have different certificate used for encrypting password fields.

Docentric upgrade procedure detects the environment change from 3.4.4 version and clears all encrypted database table fields such as passwords and connections strings used in Docentric setup if reading their values fails. These are:

  • Additional email account passwords.
  • Electronic signature certificates stored in the database.
  • PDF encryption passwords.
  • Integration user passwords participating in SharePoint extended security.
  • Azure storage accounts connection strings.

You can also run the clearing manually if needed by invoking the DocEncryptedFieldsCleanup class manually. This class validates encrypted fields in Docentric tables and clears the fields that cannot be decrypted.

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