Access Print Archive from Common Journals

In version 3.4.5 we introduced two buttons on common journals that enable access to the corresponding archived reports, which were previously saved in Print archive:

  • Print archive > Download
  • Print archive > View


Download archived reports

The Print archive > Download button, for one or more selected journal records, downloads the report archived as PDF document in Print archive if exists. If the only one journal record is selected, the report is downloaded as the single PDF file. If multiple records are selected, they are downloaded as a ZIP file.

View archived reports

The Print archive > View button, for a single selected journal record, opens Print archive filtered by this record, showing the corresponding archived report if such exists, i.e. if the report was previously printed and saved to Print archive.

Note that in Print archive multiple copies of the same report can exist, if the report is printed to Print archive multiple times. In this case, the Download button will pick only the lastly printed report, while the View button will show all printed copies in Print archive.

Supported journals

  • Customer invoice journals (the CustInvoiceJournal form) for the Customer invoice report (SalesInvoice) and the Free text invoice report (FreeTextInvoice),
  • Project invoices (the ProjInvoiceListPage form) and Invoice journals (the ProjInvoiceJournal and ProjInvoiceJournalV2 forms) for the Project invoice without billing rules report (PSAProjInvoice), the Project invoice with billing rules report (PSAContractLineInvoice) and the User defined project invoice report (PSAManageInvoice),
  • Purchase order confirmations (the VendPurchOrderJournal form) for the Purchase order report (PurchPurchaseOrder),
  • Sales order confirmations (the CustConfirmJournal form) for the Sales order confirmation report (SalesConfirm),
  • Packing slip journal (the CustPackingSlipJournal form) for the Sales order packing slip report (SalesPackingSlip),
  • Quotation journal (the CustQuotationJournal form) for the Sales quotation report (SalesQuotation),
  • Quotation confirmation journal (the CustQuotationConfirmationJournal form) for the Sales quotation confirmation report (SalesQuotationConfirmation).


Download archived reports

All users who can print the particular report (e.g. Customer invoice or Purchase order) can also be able to use the Download button on this journal. This is achieved by creating a new privilege Download archived reports from common journals (DocJourArchiveDownload) and extending the related built-in duties.

View archived reports

In D365FO most users can access to Print archive but only to those reports printed by themselves. Since there is no built-in security artifacts for maintenance or viewing of all archived reports, we introduced two additional privileges/duties you should use to allow your users to open Print archive from common journals:

In order to enable Print archive > View from common journals, you will need to add Docentric specific duties/privileges Maintain Print archive from common journals (DocJourPrintArchiveView) or View Print archive from common journals (DocJourPrintArchiveMaintain) to particular roles in your D365FO.

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