How to Use Placeholders in Print Destination Settings

Placeholders can be used in Docentric print destinations enabling dynamic output filename, email subject, body, etc.
You can use:

  • Standard placeholders - placeholders common for all reports and are provided OOTB, e.g. @COMPANYID@, @COMPANYNAME@, @WORKERTITLE@ and @USEREMAIL@.
  • Custom placeholders - report specific placeholders defined via X++, more precisely using special attributes in report specific DSP classes, e.g. @InvoiceId@ and @InvoiceDate@.
  • User-defined placeholders - report specific placeholders which can be configured in Docentric report setup, and can be bound to any data from the report data source.

Note that placeholders can also be used in Docentric report setup, e.g. in report caption, PDF encryption passwords, PDF document properties, email sending settings such as email sender display name, reply-to, bounce-to and read receipt email addresses.
Also note that wherever you can use placeholders, you can also use D365FO and Docentric User-defined labels.

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