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Docentric AX is a solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations that consists of the D365FO Plug-in and Docentric AX Designer. The licensing of the product follows these concepts. To use the Docentric AX product either in development, test or production purposes, you will need a license of D365FO Plug-in for each of environments and at least one license of Docentric AX Designer.

Read more about licensing in EULA or contact us at for more information.

AX 2012

Licensing of the product “Docentric AX” consists of Docentric Server licensing and Docentric AX Designer licensing, as needed for your scenarios. To use Docentric AX product either in development or production, you will need one or more licenses of Docentric Server in a specific role and most likely at least one license of Docentric AX Designer. The total price will greatly depend of the configuration which best suits your needs.

Docentric Server is licensed per machine. This means that one license covers one installation of Docentric Server on a Windows Server. Each of Docentric Server instances has one of the following roles and each of them is priced differently:

  • Development Role
  • Production Role
  • Test Role: Quality Assurance or Staging

Minimal configuration for development scenario is one license of Docentric Server in Development Role and one license of Docentric AX Designer.
Minimal configuration for production scenario is one license of Docentric Server in Production role.

However you may need an instance of Docentric Server for testing or staging purposes in a separate environment. In that case the Test role of Docentric Server would be the best choice.

Docentric AX Designer is licensed per user per machine. This means that one license covers one user using one installation of the designer on one Windows computer. The designer can also be licensed in packages (1, 5, 10, etc.) for the best price.

All licenses are perpetual - read more about licensing in our EULA.

We did our best to create fair and reasonable licensing & pricing, but we also know that you may have special business needs. Please reach out to discuss your scenarios, and we'll be happy to tailor the license to fit your budget and provide exactly what you need.

Maintenance and Support
Maintenance and Support

Customers with a current Docentric’s Maintenance and Support package are entitled to all software updates and hotfixes. Technical support response time for any malfunctioning of the product is guaranteed within 1 business day. Our support engineers will assist you promptly by email or live session, depending which way best suits your case. Delivering superior customer service is our primary goal!

As Docentric’s customer you will have the opportunity to contribute to product improvements, suggesting new features and functionalities you consider to be valuable. We are committed to continuous product improvement as well as achieving a productive and long-term relationship with you.

Maintenance and Support
Kick-off Trainings

We can help you achieve the rapid start with our product by making the learning curve even shorter. Technical kick-off sessions with our experts will help you get started with report customization quickly and efficiently.

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Note: Get acquainted with Docentric’s EULA or read more about our Maintenance And Support Policy.