TL5: Extend the GeneralData Data Section

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In order to start with this lesson, you have to complete Training Lesson #4 first, since it proceeds from the point where the previous lesson ended.

Create a new custom DSP class DTNewCustomSSRSReportDSP_ExtendGD, and use it for our new custom SSRS report from the previous lesson. After assigning this class to the report in Docentric report setup instead of the currently used DTNewCustomSSRSReportDSP class, accomplish the following tasks:

  • TASK #1: Add additional data record to the GeneralData data section in the addGeneralDataSectionBase() method.

    Note that this method doesn’t exist in your DSP class yet, so you will have to create (override) it first. You can do it by opening the class in Designer -> right click -> select Override -> select the addGeneralDataSectionBase() method from the method list. Add the needed logic here.

  • TASK #2: Add additional data to the Company data record, e.g. add additional data fields (BankDestinationName and Name of the bank group) to the BankAccount data record, a child record of CurrentCompany. You will do this in the overridden addGeneralDataSectionBaseCompanyInfo() method.
  • TASK #3: Add the manager of the current worker department as the additional data field of the CurrentWorker data record. Implement this logic in the overridden addGeneralDataSectionBaseWorkerInfo() method.

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