Improved Email Processing

Docentric improves Email processing in various ways:

Improved Batch email sending status

  • Added email message fields such as Cc, Bcc, Reply-to, Bounce-to, Read receipt address, etc.
  • Added metadata fields such as Context information, Account number, Document ID, etc.
  • Better view of a single outgoing email message including added message fields.
  • Update all fields of a single outgoing email message its body and attachments.
  • Updating particular fields of multiple outgoing emails at once.
  • Download an outgoing email message as EML file, which you can open with an email client, e.g. MS Outlook.



Open Batch email sending status from Customer and Vendor cards

By clicking the Batch email sending status button in the General tab > Outgoing documents on the All customers or All vendors form, which is added by Docentric, you will see the list of all outgoing emails with generated reports for the selected customer, i.e. vendor.


In order to view and use Batch email sending status button from Customer and Vendor cards, you will need to add Docentric specific duties/privileges (DocCustSysOutgoingEmailTableView/Maintain, DocVendSysOutgoingEmailTableView/Maintain) to particular roles in your D365FO. Learn more >>

Improved Email distributor batch

To support Cc, Bcc and Reply-to and other new email message fields Docentric extended the existing Email distributor batch and called it Docentric email distributor batch.
Learn how to turn on Docentric Email distributor batch >>

From version 3.4.1, Records to include is added to the Email distributor batch dialog so multiple Email distributor batch jobs can be started for different outgoing emails. Learn more >>

Better error logging of the email messages sent via Docentric Email distributor batch is introduced. Learn more >>

Email distributor cleanup

Email distributor cleanup is a new operation introduced in 3.4.1 which deletes the Batch email sending status records selected via the same dynamic filter (Records to include) as for Docentric email distributor batch and additional parameters including Status and Created- and Last status change- date and time. Learn more >>

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