Docentric AX Free Edition

Improves print destinations for all your reports
in MS Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Completely Free

Free installation, support, hotfixes and updates.

Acts as a Component

Easy to install, easy to remove, no external services.

No Overlayering

Implemented only using extensions.


Turn it on or off with a switch.

Print destinations as you expect them to be.

Print any SSRS report such as Invoice or Purchase Order using improved Docentric print destinations.

Check how much better Docentric print destinations are than the built-in SSRS’s.

Email Print Destination

Use built-in SSRS tokens in To and Cc
Email body, Attachment name, From and Bcc
Edit HTML body using rich text editor
Placeholders in Body, Subject and Attachment name
Add additional email attachments
Monitor and resend outgoing emails with printed reports
Reply-to, Bounce-to, Priority, Read and Delivery receipts
Multiple outgoing mail servers / sender accounts

File Print Destination

Download reports in browser
Save reports to File System
Save reports to Azure storage or SharePoint
Attach reports
Use placeholders in output filenames, target folders, blob containers, etc.
Run reports in batch in cloud environments

Screen Print Destination

Navigate, download or print
Works in on-premises environments
Preview before print to Email, Printer or File
No differences between previewed and printed documents *
Thumbnails of report pages
Zoom in, zoom out
Print to local printers
* Discrepancy between previewed and printed documents, e.g. in the number of pages.

Print Archive

Log successfully printed reports
Log failed reports
Preview reports
Rerun reports *
Report, e.g. Customer Invoice, Purchase Order
User, Execution time
Success/Failure *
Print destination, e.g. Email, File, Printer or Screen
Document ID (e.g. Invoice ID), Source Document ID (e.g. Sales Order ID), Customer/Vendor ID, Batch ID, etc.
* This way you will know which reports are failed and rerun them if needed.

X++ Hooks

We have prepared a lot of delegates for you to hook up and dynamically change report run settings and execution flow. For example, with Docentric AX – unlike SSRS – you can hook up to modify a created email message, or even to interrupt report execution at many points in the pipeline.
If you wish to achieve certain advanced scenarios such as sending a report to a web service, you will use Docentric APIs to print the report to a memory (the Memory print destination) and handle it from there as you please.


Improved Email Templates

Edit your Email Templates for Retail Orders or workflow notifications using a superior HTML editor with placeholders, right from within D365FO. Create emails with dynamic tables in the body, multiple attachments, Cc & Bcc recipients and more.

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