Warehouse Labels

Labels outside Warehouse

Product and Shelf labels in the Retail and Commerce module are implemented via SSRS report RetailLabel so they can be designed with Docentric Designer and print using improved Docentric print destinations in the same way as any other SSRS report in D365FO.

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There are also other types of labels in D365FO that are implemented via SSRS reports, such as:

  • Shipping labels (SalesShippingLabel.Report),
  • COD (Cash On Delivery) labels (SalesCODLabel.Report),
  • Location labels (WMSLocationLabel.Report)

Warehouse labels

On the other hand, labels in the Warehouse management module are designed and printed using ZPL language, which consists of commands to draw text, shapes, barcodes and images to form a certain layout and print it as a label. ZPL is a print language used by many label printers, not just Zebra printers.

In D365FO there are two kinds of Warehouse labels implemented via ZPL:

  • License plate labels,
  • Wave labels.

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Both License plate and Wave labels are designed using ZPL language (i.e. via set of commands) and the resulting layouts are stored as string memo fields in the database:

  • License plate label designs are stored in the Document routing layouts (WHSDocumentRoutingLayout) table.
  • Wave label designs are stored in the Wave label layouts (WHSWaveLabelLayout) table.

Setup for both License plate and Wave label can be found in Warehouse management > Document routing:

For development and testing purposes, a ZPL label design (layout) can be previewed using ZPL Online Viewer.
Also, a ZPL label can be printed to Printer emulator for ZPL rendering engine.
However, printing a label using ZPL layout still needs to be done via DRA (Document Routing Agent).
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Improved Warehouse labels

Docentric improves Warehouse labels in terms of design, setup and printing.

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