Using Docentric Templates with License Plate Labels

While License plate labels are designed using ZPL language in D365FO, Docentric enables user-friendlier label design with more formatting options, using Docentric Designer inside MS Word.

Docentric sits on top of SSRS reports, replacing SSRS report designs with Docentric templates and distributing generated reports via improved Docentric print destinations.

Thus, in order to support License plate labels with Docentric, we created an SSRS report design named DocWHSLicensePlateLabel.Report that uses a built-in query WHSLicensePlateLabelQuery as a data source, and SSRS controller DocWHSLicensePlateLabelController which orchestrates the printing.

Now when we enabled License plate labels to be designed and printed as an SSRS report, we consequently enabled them to be designed and printed with Docentric.

Next, we created a sample Docentric template named DocWHSLicensePlateLabel.Report.docx and a custom DSP class named DocWHSLicensePlateLabelDSP as a starting point for your customization in terms of design and data source.

Additionally, we also created an ER Data model and Model mapping as well as a CBD-based sample Docentric template named CBDDocWHSLicensePlateLabel.Report.docx, in the case you will use Electronic Reporting and CBD report data sources.

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License plate label templates in Docentric report setup

Docentric templates for License plate labels are configured in the Docentric AX reports form, a centralized report setup for all reports in D365FO which require custom settings such as Docentric templates, extended data sources, emailing settings, electronic signatures settings, etc. Otherwise, an SSRS report design can be printed via Docentric print destinations without being registered in Docentric report setup.

Since License plate labels are designed with Docentric, Docentric templates will be registered in Docentric report setup together with the DocWHSLicensePlateLabel.Report report. They can be stored as any other Docentric template as AOT resources, on SharePoint, Azure Blob storage or File system.

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Loading Docentric templates for License plate labels

Initially, both SSRS- and ER- based sample Docentric templates for License plate labels are installed in your environment as AOT Resources, delivered as a part of the model Docentric AX License Plate Labels.

They will be automatically loaded into Docentric report setup when the Document routing form is opened for the first time with the feature License plate labels turned on (in Docentric AX parameters > Product > Product configuration).

Also, these Docentric templates can always be loaded into Docentric report setup by using the common functionality (Re)load system templates, if the feature is turned on. Learn more on loading system templates >>

Using multiple templates

You can add as many templates as you need, for example for different items, containers or shipments. All added templates, whose parent report is DocWHSLicensePlateLabel.Report, will become available in the Template ID combo box in Document routing > Docentric Document routing printers.


Please note that multiple template documents can share the same Template ID. The unique key of a single template is Template ID, Company and Language. So when you select a Template ID on a Document routing line setting, and there are multiple templates with the same Template ID, which template document will actually be used at the moment of printing of a license plate label, depends on the runtime company and language.

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The concept of Default template, which is used for regular SSRS reports, is not applicable for the License plate label report (the Is default flag). Default template is used with regular SSRS reports, and it’s especially important for Print management reports and the Original/Copy preview functionality, when the default SSRS report is used when previewing a report without Docentric, and the default Docentric template when previewing it with Docentric. Learn more >>

Other settings in Docentric report setup that are not applicable

License plate label reports can only be printed to network printers or previewed. Thus, Email sending settings or PDF Security settings are not applicable.

The following settings and functionalities from Docentric report setup are supported for License plate labels reports:

In order to use Docentric templates, the following flags should be turned on/off:

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When to use multiple SSRS reports

Beside the DocWHSLicensePlateLabel.Report SSRS report design, created by Docentric, you can create additional SSRS reports (or an additional SSRS report with multiple designs) when:

  • You have many templates that you would like to group per report, or
  • You have more than one ER Model mapping you would like to use as the License plate label report data source. In this case, creating a new SSRS report design is mandatory.

New SSRS reports need to be a query-based report with the WHSLicensePlateLabelQuery query as a data source. Next, when such a report is registered in Docentric report setup, DocWHSLicensePlateLabelDSP should be configured as its DSP class (or any other class which inherits it or its base class DocWHSLicensePlateLabelDSPBase).

A DSP class inheriting from DocWHSLicensePlateLabelDSPBase is a precondition to get the corresponding report templates listed in the Template ID combo box in Docentric Document routing printers in Document routing setup.

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Preview a template

You can preview a Docentric template from Document routing setup and the License plate label form by using Print label > Print without setup (Docentric). You can also preview any Docentric template, including label designs, in different languages directly from Docentric report setup > Templates > Preview.


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