Docentric Report Setup

Docentric report setup contains a list of SSRS report designs, whose both designs and print destinations are improved with Docentric AX. Docentric report setup should be used for both Full and Free Edition.

Each SSRS report design registered with Docentric report setup is called Docentric SSRS report, and contains various settings:

  • Docentric DSP (Data Source Provider) class
  • Custom labels
  • Multiple report templates (aka Docentric designs)
  • Multiple email templates
  • Print destination settings including Preview settings, Email sending settings, User-defined placeholders, SharePoint settings, Print archive settings, PDF Security settings, etc.
  • Data source generation settings

Move Docentric configuration data between environments

To move Docentric configuration data between environments, you need to use:

  • Export/Import utilities called Deployment tools - for all data stored in Docentric report setup including report and email templates, Print destination settings, etc.
  • Docentric data entities - for all other data stored outside Docentric report setup, e.g. User-defined labels, Report restricted printers, User favorite/allowed printers, Electronic signature appearances, Organization/System email templates, Print management settings, etc.

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