Print Archive per Customer and Vendor

Printed or emailed reports can optionally be archived in D365FO. Such reports are saved to Organization administration > Inquiries and reports > Print archive. Furthermore you can easily access Print archive directly from the Customers and Vendors forms.

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In improved Print archive you will notice some additional columns containing links to related entities, e.g. corresponding sales orders and journals – these are enhancements done by Docentric. You can also see print settings of each report execution, such as the To, Cc and Bcc fields with resolved email tokens, the report output filename, email body and subject.

Open Print archive from Customer and Vendor cards

By clicking the Print Archive button in the General tab > Outgoing documents on the All customers form, which is added by Docentric, you will see the list of all archived reports for the selected customer. Notice that you can further search them by the target print destination, report type or Document ID and likewise open the related records, e.g. Sales order or Invoice journal by clicking the links in the Source table ID and Journal columns.

Click the Print preview button in the action pane to download the archived document.

Click the Print settings button to see the original print settings. The image below shows the print settings (email subject, body, attachment name, recipients, etc.) of an emailed invoice.

The same principles apply for displaying a vendor’s Print archive.

Improved Print archive opened directly from the Customers and Vendors forms for a particular customer or vendor will show all corresponding outgoing documents such as orders, invoices, collection letters, etc. This way you will be able to view not only all outgoing documents per customer and vendor but also their print settings such as email messages or target file locations. You can also search archived reports by report name, caption, document ID, sales/purchase ID, etc.


In D365FO most users can view and delete reports from Print archive but only those printed by themselves. Since there is no built-in duty or role that covers maintenance or viewing of all archived reports, we introduced four additional privileges/duties you should use to allow your sales or purchasing agents/managers to access Print archive from Customer and Vendor cards:

  • DocCustPrintArchiveMaintain, DocCustPrintArchiveView.
  • DocVendPrintArchiveMaintain, DocVendPrintArchiveView.
In order to enable use of Print archive per customer and vendor, you will need to add Docentric specific duties/privileges (DocCustPrintArchiveView/Maintain, DocVendPrintArchiveView/Maintain) to particular roles in your D365FO.

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