Docentric SSRS Replicas

Each Docentric SSRS Replica consists of a Docentric design (aka template), which is a “smart copy” of the built-in SSRS report design, and the corresponding Docentric DSP class, which provides the basic set of custom placeholders available for use in print destinations. DSP classes also enables you to fully benefit from Print archive, emailing and distribution options enhanced by Docentric. And more importantly, Docentric DSP classes should serve as a starting point for your customization - by customizing them you can add additional data and placeholders without changing the built-in report artifacts such as SSRS temporary tables and DP classes.

We strongly recommend to install Docentric SSRS Replicas also when using Free Edition only.
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Download Docentric SSRS Replicas

Installation type Instructions Download link
Project with all replicas
v3.4.8.1, supports all MS supported D365FO versions
Contains the same model with all replicas, but more convenient for customization and maintenance.
Model with all replicas
v3.4.8.1, supports all MS supported D365FO versions
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Replicas templates
v3.4.8, designed in MS Word
A zip file containing Docentric templates for all Docentric SSRS Replicas. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

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Docentric SSRS Replicas Upgrade Strategy


If you are considering to upgrade the Docentric AX SSRS Replicas model, please read this first >>

You can also contact us to discuss your options and scenarios.

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