How to Use Report Email Templates

Report Email templates enable templating of the outgoing emails for reports that are emailed using Docentric Email print destination.

You will configure multiple Email templates in Docentric report setup for a particular report, and then select a target Email template on the Print destination settings form, when configuring the email print settings for this report.

Report Email templates differ from Organization and System email templates which are also improved by Docentric. Learn about Improved Email Templates >>

Email templates setup

Report Email templates are configured in Docentric report setup, and similarly to Report Templates, they can be configured per company and language.

It is true that in the Email template settings you can use placeholders (Standard, Custom and User-defined) and labels (D365FO and User-defined). However, the main purpose of Email templates is to enable multilingual outgoing emails without using labels. Moreover, by using Email templates, you will need only one Print management setting to cover multilingual outgoing emails for customers and vendors with different languages.

Additionally, using Email templates you can also configure the email subject, the email sender address and display sender name, but this configuration is optional.

In the following setup we have 4 company-neutral templates (company is not specified) with 2 different Email template IDs. For these two templates that are language-neutral, we used the English language, because we want to use them each time when the runtime language doesn’t match any Email template from the setup. We also set up one Email template ID (i.e. 2 templates in different languages) as the default.



Watch Video on How to Configure and Use Email Templates >>

Email template selection and Default Email template

When configuring Docentric Email print destination on the Print destination settings form you can choose whether to use Email templates and if so, which Email template to use. You can select either the @EMAIL_DEFAULT_TEMPLATE@ token or a particular Email template ID. Note that the same Email template ID might be used for multiple Email templates, since they are configured per company and language. Which one (of all templates with the selected Email template ID) will actually be used, is determined during the report run, because the report runtime language depends on various factors, e.g. on the language of the related customer or vendor.

Therefore, the email body shows only the email template selected for the current user language: Body (PREVIEW), and the email subject's label gets the exclamation mark: Subject (!). Note that if the Use email template option is turned on, and Subject in Docentric report setup > Email templates is enabled for the email template that will actually be used when the report runs, the email subject configured on the Print destination settings form will be overwritten with the Subject field from the setup. The same rule applies to the email sender address and display sender name.


Email template selection works in exactly the same way as Report Template selection. The same is true for Default Email template (@EMAIL_DEFAULT_TEMPLATE@). Learn about Report Template selection >>

Email body snippets

At the same time, Email templates can act as Email body snippets, i.e. as a snippet repository for different languages or email body parts.

Email templates as the templates of outgoing emails can be used in Full Edition only. However, Email templates as Email body snippets can be used in Free Edition as well.


Once you configure the email body snippets (e.g. Body, Header, Footer), you can use them directly in the email body editor (the T widget) on the Print destination settings form when configuring Docentric Email print destination.



Note that the Is default flag, the email subject, the sender address and display sender name are not considered and do not affect the Email body snippets functionality in any way.

Watch Video on How to Configure and Use Email Body Snippets >>

Import/Export Email templates

Email templates can be imported and exported by using the Import/Export functionality you can find in the Tools menu in Docentric report setup, and this way moved between environments. Note that Import/Export includes also other settings from Docentric report setup for the selected report(s), not just for the report email templates.

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