How to Setup and Print License Plate Labels

Document routing setup

License plate labels are printed in D365FO from Warehouse mobile app, using Document routing setup. This setup contains configurations for printing license plate labels to particular network printers using particular ZPL layouts, stored in Document routing layouts, under certain conditions. The configurations are grouped by Work order type such as Purchase orders and Sales order.

Document routing header

Furthermore, Document routing setup consists of Document routing header and line settings. The purpose of Document routing header is to define a condition that serves as matching criteria against printing license plate labels. Note that only the first matched Document routing header setting from Document routing setup, associate to appropriate Work order type, will be used for printing of a single license plate label. The order of matching relies on the Sequence number field in Document routing header.

Matching a printing license plate label against a Document routing header setting is done either:

(1) by comparing the corresponding fields of License plate label (the WHSLicensePlateLabel table record) and the fields in the Overview tab of the Document routing header (WHSDocumentRoutingTable) table record: Warehouse, Account number, Mobile device user ID, Carrier, Work template, From zone ID and To zone ID,


(2) by executing the selection Query configured on the Document routing header (WHSDocumentRoutingTable) table record. The selection Query is based on the License plate label (WHSLicensePlateLabel) table.

Which configuration for the condition on a Document routing header will be used depends on the Run query field.


The default selection query contains Label ID, a mandatory criteria field that is always set to the printing license plate label ID. We can change the default selection query by adding additional criteria fields from the License plate label (WHSLicensePlateLabel) or any related table.


So, when a first Document routing header setting is matched against a printing license plate label, then all related Document routing lines called Document routing printers are executed.

Document routing printers (Document routing lines)

Document routing printers or Document routing line settings contain configurations that determine which ZPL layout (Document routing layout) to use to print the license plate label matched with the parent Document routing header, and to which network printer. All configurations get executed.

Improved Document routing printers

The first Docentric improvement of Document routing setup is adding a selection Query per Document routing printers setting (i.e. per Document routing line) for optional use.


This means that you can have 2-steps matching procedure against a printing license plate label, if needed. Thus, if selection queries are configured and turned on, when a license plate label is printed, its data is first matched against Document routing header condition. After finding the first header match, only those child Document routing lines whose selection query matches the printing label will get executed.

Execution of a Document routing line means printing the license plate label to the network printer and using the ZPL layout (Document routing layout) as it is configured in this line settings.

Docentric Document routing printers

In addition to Document routing printers which can be conditionally printed (by configuring a selection query per line), we also introduced Docentric Document routing printers. These routing line settings enable:

  • Printing order,
  • Conditional execution via configuration of a selection query,
  • Use of Docentric templates instead of ZPL layouts,
  • Configuration of Label language,
  • Configuration of Number of copies.

Docentric templates

You can select which Docentric template to use to print a license plate label, which meets both header and line setup conditions, to the network printer configured in the same Document routing line setting.

You can select among all Docentric templates configured in Docentric report setup, whose DSP class inherits from DocWHSLicensePlateLabelDSPBase (for example, the DocWHSLicensePlateLabelDSP class with a description License plate label DSP provided by Docentric), regardless of the parent report.

Note that same Template ID can be used for different template documents for particular companies and languages. Which template will be used at the moment of printing depends on the runtime company and language.

Check how to setup and design Docentric templates >>

Label language

Since Docentric templates support multiple languages, multilingual license plate labels are supported OOTB. You can also set up the language to use when printing a license plate label using a specific Document routing line setting.

Supported options:

  • Current company language (token: @COMPANY_LANGUAGE@),
  • Current user language (token: @USER_LANGUAGE@),
  • Account language (token: @ORDER_LANGUAGE@),
  • Order language (token: @ACCOUNT_LANGUAGE@),
  • Language selected explicitly such as de, es, fr, etc.

All tokens are resolved at the moment of printing a license plate label. Current company and current user language are common values, whereas Account and Order language are resolved as languages of the Vendor/Customer and Purchase/Sales order related to the printing license plate label (the WHSLicensePlateLabel table record).

To add a custom additional token for label language to be resolved dynamically, subscribe to a delegate resolveWhsLabelLanguageDelegate() in the DocWHSLicensePlateLabelController class.

Number of copies

Number of copies specifies how many label copies to print. For example, if this field is set to 3, when printing a license plate label using this setting, it will be printed 3 times.

Number of copies for ZPL layouts can be implemented via a ZPL command.

Test setup

To ensure that Document routing setup is properly configured, you can use the Test setup functionality. Instead of printing a license plate label from the Warehouse mobile app and checking if it has been printed on the network printer (usually a Zebra printer) as configured in Document routing setup, you can select this license plate label on the Test setup form and check what would be the printing result.

Thus, on the Test setup form select a license plate label and click the Test button to test configured Document routing setup against it. The printing result consists of:

  • the first matched Document routing header setting, considering Work order type, Sequence number and criteria fields either from the Overview tab or the header selection query, and
  • all matched Document routing lines, with both ZPL layouts and Docentric templates, considering the line selection queries.

You can also open the matched Document routing header by clicking the Open Document routing setting button.


So, if you print the selected license plate label from the Warehouse mobile app, it will be printed to those printers using those designs (ZPL layouts and Docentric templates) from the resulting Document routing lines (Document routing printers result and Docentric Document routing printers result) shown on the Test setup form.


Instead of printing a license plate label from the Warehouse mobile app, you can also print it from D365FO, from Document routing setup and the License plate labels form, which can be useful if you want to test label printing or reprint a label.


You can print a license plate label using Document routing setup, where you can choose to print the label using ZPL layouts (Document routing printers), Docentric templates (Docentric Document routing printers) or both. Note that when printing from the Warehouse mobile app, all Document routing printers settings that are configured and matched will be executed, meaning that you cannot turn off ZPL layouts nor Docentric templates as you can on the Print using setup form.

Next, you can also print a license plate label without using Document routing setup. This way you can print a label to a specific printer using a specific layout (both ZPL layout and Docentric template), bypassing the setup.


Additionally, when printing without setup and using Docentric templates, you can also preview the label in Docentric Viewer and generate DDSP, which is needed for template design.

Print label > Print without setup (Docentric) opens a dialog Print label without setup using Docentric templates. You can preview any license plate label using a selected Docentric template, without printing it, by turning on the Print preview option. The label will be rendered and opened in Docentric Viewer.


Print preview of a particular template can also be done from Docentric report setup. Learn how >>

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