TL7: Add Additional Attachments When Emailing Reports

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In order to start with this lesson, you have to complete Training Lesson #6 first, since it proceeds from the point where the previous lesson ended.

  • TASK #3: When emailing Purchase order, append additional attachments (load them from Azure Blob storage, from a custom setup, etc.). Extend the overrideReportRunSettings() method of the DTPurchPurchaseOrderDSP_OverrideRRS class in order to accomplish this.

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Note that starting from the 3.1 product version, you will be able to add additional email attachments directly on the Print destination settings form by picking them from Global Attachments Repository, or Document Handling Attachments of the context execution table record (e.g. the VendPurchOrderJournal table – Attachments on the Purchase order confirmations form) or source table record (e.g. the PurchTable table – Attachments on the All purchase orders form).