Improved License Plate Labels

Docentric improves License plate labels in terms of design, setup and printing, starting from version 3.4.4.

With Docentric, you can:

  • Use Docentric templates instead of ZPL layouts (Document routing layouts), which brings:
    • Easier and user-friendly label design with Docentric Designer in MS Word with instant preview instead of using command oriented ZPL language,
    • Effortless use of barcodes and images such as company logo and item image on label designs.
  • Add additional data to be printed on license plate labels:
    • Via DSP classes or by extending the report query (coding and deployment required),
    • Via Electronic reporting (no coding and deployment required).
  • Simplify Document routing setup by configuring additional conditions per Document routing line. By default, conditions can be configured only per Document routing header.
  • Print preview and Test Document routing setup against a license plate label.
  • Make license plate labels multilingual and label language configurable.
  • Reprint license plate labels from D365FO (from the License plate labels or Document routing setup forms), not just from the Warehouse mobile app.
  • Monitor printing status via label metadata such as Warehouse, Work, License plate and User in Document routing status.
Note that Docentric still reuses the built-in DRA (Document Routing Agent) for label printing. On our roadmap is to create a custom DRA which will reduce printing delay and resolve other issues the built-in DRA has.

Learn how DRA works >>
Learn how to reduce printing delay for the built-in DRA >>

Enable License plate labels

You can enable Docentric templates to be used instead of Document routing layouts and Document routing setup and printing improvements by turning on the Enable License plate labels feature in Docentric AX parameters > Product > Product configuration.

Once you turn on the Enable License plate labels option, the following menu items and form controls become visible:

  • The Document routing form:
    • The Query criteria field in the Overview tab, which shows the header condition query criteria if configured.
    • The Edit query button and the Mobile device user IDs, Run query, Query criteria configured and Query criteria columns in the grid Document routing printers. These controls enable setup of conditional Document routing lines.
    • The Docentric Document routing printers tab which enable use of Docentric templates instead of ZPL layouts and setup of conditional Document routing lines.
  • The Document routing and License plate labels forms:
    • The Test setup menu item which opens a form where you can test Document routing setup against a selected license plate label.
    • The Print label menu items which enable print preview and print of a selected license plate label, with or without Document routing setup, using both Docentric templates and ZPL layouts.


  • Docentric report setup: Loaded report DocWHSLicensePlateLabel.Report bound to a special DSP class DocWHSLicensePlateLabelDSP with two Docentric templates, one SSRS-based and second ER-based. The latter is loaded only if the CBD data sources feature is turned on. These templates contains a sample design of License plate label you can use as a starting customization point.

Free and Full Edition features

All features of improved License plate labels which are related to ZPL layouts and not related to Docentric templates are delivered as part of Free Edition.

Free Edition features include:

  • Simplified Document routing setup due to possibility to conditionally execute Document routing lines, by configuring Mobile device user IDs and condition queries. Learn more >>
  • Test Document routing setup without printing license plate labels to network printers. Learn more >>
  • Reprint license plate labels from D365FO, with or without using Document routing setup. Learn more >>

Full Edition features include:

  • Use Docentric templates instead of / in addition to ZPL layouts.
    • User-friendly license plate label design.
    • Multilingual license plate labels and configurable label language.
    • Print preview.

    Learn more >>

  • Non-developers can add additional data to the data source of the License plate label report by using the report ER Model mapping. Learn more >>
  • Monitor print jobs in Document routing status via label metadata such as Warehouse, Work, License plate and User.
    Learn more >>


We didn’t add any custom security for the License plate labels functionality but we extended the existing duties related to view and maintain privileges for Document routing and License plate labels in the following way:

  • Any user who can open the License plate labels form (read or write) can also test the setup (the Test setup menu item) and print labels (the Print label menu items) using Docentric functionality.
  • Any user who can open Document routing (read or write) can also configure any of the above Docentric improvements, including testing the setup and printing labels.

Download Docentric templates and ER configurations

Described functionalities improving License plate labels are developed as artifacts placed in a separate model Docentric AX License Plate Labels. You can download this model alongside other Docentric core product models.
Learn more on Docentric core product models >>

Among other artifacts in the Docentric AX License Plate Labels model, there is also a Docentric sample template (DocWHSLicensePlateLabel.Report.docx) we created as a starting point for your customization.

In the case that you are using CBD (Electronic reporting) data sources, in the Docentric AX License Plate Labels model there are also Electronic reporting configurations, ER Data model (DocWHSLicensePlateLabelModel.version.1.xml) and Model mapping (DocWHSLicensePlateLabelModelMapping.version.1.1.xml), as well as the template based on them (CBDDocWHSLicensePlateLabel.Report.docx).

If you are using Free Edition, you don’t need Docentric templates and Electronic reporting configurations; you will continue to use ZPL layouts as label designs and benefit from simplified Document routing setup with test and print functions.

Since Docentric templates are provided as AOT resources, they will act as System templates and be loaded into Docentric report setup automatically, when you for the first time open Document routing setup. You can download them from there and adjust the design according to your needs. Nevertheless, you can download them also from this page.

Regarding the ER configurations, in one of the future versions we will create a Docentric repository on RCS (Regulatory Configuration Service) with all ER configurations provided by Docentric, including these two for License plate labels. Until then, you can download it from the model's AOT Resources from Visual Studio on a development environment or from this page.

Download Docentric templates and ER configurations  

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