How to Remove Docentric AX Models

In order to delete Docentric AX from a D365FO system you need to delete all installed Docentric AX models.
Available Docentric AX models >>

Note that these models contain complete Docentric AX solution and there are no external dependencies or services to deinstall or remove.

Delete Docentric AX packages and models

We will first delete the Docentric AX models using the ModelUtil.exe tool.

To delete (i.e. uninstall) the Docentric AX models you can use the scripts from the downloaded ZIP packages.

Run Command Prompt as Administrator and navigate to the Bin directory of your Packages folder, typically C:\Packages\Bin or C:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory\Bin.

Execute the ModelUtil.exe command for deletion of the Docentric AX models:


Each model belongs to an package, which has a dedicated folder within the Packages folder (or model store folder), typically C:\packages or C:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory.

For example, the Docentric AX model belongs to the DocentricAX package, which is located in the DocentricAX subfolder of the Packages folder (e.g. C:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory\DocentricAX).

Next, the Docentric AX Extension model belongs to the DocentricAXExtension package, which is located in the DocentricAXExtension subfolder of the Packages folder (e.g. C:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory\DocentricAXExtension).

After deletion of the models, we will get the following situation:

In order to make Docentric AX models disappear from AOT completely, we need to physically delete all related subfolders, e.g. DocentricAX and DocentricAXExtension, which are now empty, from your Packages folder.

Delete references to Docentric AX models

If you made a reference from your model to any of Docentric AX models, remove it from the model descriptor file. You can also remove all the references from within Visual Studio before you delete the Docentric AX models.

To successfully complete the operation, restart IIS. Building all models and synchronizing the database is recommended.

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