Output File Formats

With Docentric, you can generate reports with Docentric Report Generator or SSRS Reporting Services and distribute them using improved Docentric print destinations, which means improved emailing, distributing, printing and archiving.

Most of the emailing, distributing, printing and archiving features are part of Free Edition. Learn more >>

Which output file formats are supported depends on whether Docentric Report Generator or SSRS Reporting Services is used for document generation.

Output file formats supported by Docentric

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • TIFF
  • XML
  • EMF

These output formats are supported for reports generated by Docentric Report Generator from Docentric Word-based templates (templates which are Word documents). On our roadmap is to support Excel output format for reports generated from Docentric Excel-based templates (templates which are Excel documents).

EMF file format is used for printing reports to physical (network) printers, via DRA (Document Routing Agent) in cloud environments or directly in on-premises environments.

Output file formats supported by SSRS

On the other hand, when generating reports using SSRS Reporting Services and distributing them via Docentric print destinations, supported output file formats are those supported by SSRS Reporting Services when distributing reports via SSRS print destinations. These are:

  • CSV
  • Microsoft Excel
  • HTML4.0
  • Image (TIFF)
  • PDF
  • XML
  • Word (.doc)
  • EMF

PDF/A Standard Support

With Docentric version 3.4.6, generating PDF documents which are PDF/A-compliant is supported by both Docentric Generator and SSRS Reporting Services (when printed using Docentric print destinations). Learn more >>

PDF/A conformity, as well as PDF encryption and signing, is not only applicable to PDF reports created by Docentric Generator, but it also extends to PDF reports produced by SSRS Reporting Services when they are printed via Docentric print destinations.
PDF/A Compliance, PDF Signing and PDF Encryption are Full Edition features.

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