Label Languages

Unlike built-in labels, User-defined labels are created and translated at runtime. They can be used with Docentric templates or in print report settings (coming soon).

To start with creating and translating User-defined labels, you will need first to set up Label languages, to which User-defined labels will be translated. You don’t have to add all needed languages at the very beginning but you can add a new language any time later.


To open Label languages navigate to the Docentric AX workspace and click the Label languages menu item. Alternatively, you can access to User-defined labels via Organization administration > Docentric AX > Report labels > Label languages.

Note that the order of Label languages is important. The first on the list will appear as the first language when translating a User-defined label.


Anyone with the Docentric AX Report Labels User role can maintain Label languages, which means that he or she does not need to have the Docentric AX Administrator role assigned.

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