Improved SSRS Reports

With Docentric AX you can enhance the design and output management of built-in transactional SSRS reports:

  • You will improve report print destinations by using Docentric AX Free Edition! Learn more >>
  • You can improve SSRS designs while reusing the built-in report data. Learn more >>
  • You can design reports as Word documents. Learn more >>
  • Superior support for multilingual reports. Learn more >>
  • Simplified report deployment. Change report designs even in production without a deployment. Learn more >>
  • You can add additional data to existing SSRS reports, without changing built-in report artifacts, in much easier way than using extensions. Learn more >>
  • You will create new SSRS reports, without using RDP classes or tables, by fetching data from arbitrary AX tables and views directly. Learn more >>
Use Docentric SSRS Replicas for commonly used reports such as Invoice and Purchase order, no matter if you are using Free or Full Edition. Download and see the benefits >>

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D365FO SSRS Enhancement Overview