Improved SSRS Reports

With Docentric AX you can enhance the design and output management of built-in transactional SSRS reports:

  • You will improve report print destinations by using Docentric AX Free Edition! Learn more >>
  • You can improve SSRS designs while reusing the built-in report data. Learn more >>
  • You can design reports as Word documents. Learn more >>
  • Superior support for multilingual reports. Learn more >>
  • Simplified report deployment. Change report designs even in production without a deployment. Learn more >>
  • You can add additional data to existing SSRS reports, without changing built-in report artifacts, in much easier way than using extensions. Learn more >>
  • You will create new SSRS reports, without using RDP classes or tables, by fetching data from arbitrary AX tables and views directly. Learn more >>

Learn in this section:

Download and use already prepared SSRS Report Docentric Replicas for commonly used reports such as Invoice and Purchase order for your rapid start, no matter you are using Free or Full Edition.
For learning on how to use Docentric AX check out our Example Library and Docentric Training.

D365FO SSRS Enhancement Overview