How to Add Docentric AX Models to TFS

The Docentric AX product consists of the following three models:

  • Docentric AX: Contains all custom artifacts with no extensions.
  • Docentric AX Extension: Contains D365FO built-in artifact extensions, which enable integration with the SSRS and other built-in frameworks.
  • Docentric AX Emails: Contains artifacts that improves the built-in Email Templates functionality.

After you import these models using ModelUtil command line tool and then open Windows Explorer, you will notice in <ServiceNode>:\AOSService\PackagesLocalDirectory three new folders. These folders represent so called AX packages and in case of the Docentric AX product each of them contains exactly one model:

All artifacts from the marked folders on the image below should be added to TFS version control.

In each of the Descriptor folders you will find the single model descriptor file, whereas DocentricAX\Docentric AX, DocentricAXExtension\Docentric AX Extension, DocentricAXEmails\Docentric AX Emails contain all model’s source files. These artifacts should all be added to TFS version control.


The Docentric AX model additionally ships with three DLLs that contain the document rendering engine, helper methods written in C# and Microsoft Application Insight library for managing diagnostics data on Azure:

  • Docentric.Documents.dll
  • Docentric.Dynamics.AX.dll
  • Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.dll

These three DLLs: Docentric.Documents.dll, Docentric.Dynamics.AX.dll and Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.dll from the bin folder of the Docentric AX model should also be added to TFS version control.

When you build all the three models the bin folder will be created for the Docentric AX Extension and Docentric AX Emails models as well, whereas the bin folder of the Docentric AX model will be updated with the new DLLs and other files. Bear in mind that only those three DLLs need to be put under TFS version control.

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