Why to Use Docentric SSRS Replicas

To get most of our product in the shortest possible time we strongly recommend using Docentric SSRS Replicas. They will be not only the starting point for your customization but also the excellent learning material regarding both Docentric designs and custom DSP classes. You can learn the best practices regarding Docentric designs and quickly grasp Docentric APIs for customization in X++.

No matter if you are using Free or Full Edition, by using Docentric SSRS Replicas you will get the same benefits listed below.

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Report specific placeholders

Besides Docentric designs, Docentric SSRS Replicas also contain so called DSP classes that provide numerous benefits such as report custom placeholders you can use with the Email or File print destination. For example, for the Sales invoice report you can use Invoice ID, Customer Account or Customer Contact Name in the email body, subject, output filename, etc.

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Improved Print archive

The next great advantage is that Docentric SSRS Replicas set up so called Docentric archive contract, which enable you to fully benefit from improved Print archive, e.g. to search and re-print archived reports by document ID (e.g. Invoice ID), source table ID (e.g. Sales ID) or Customer account number.

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Improved emailing options

With Docentric SSRS Replicas you will automatically get all common reports already registered in Docentric report setup that will further enable you to use advanced emailing features such as Email processing (i.e. saving outgoing emails in Batch email sending status with report metadata), or setting up Email priority, the Reply-to and Bounce-to email addresses, the Read and Delivery receipt options, etc.

In addition, you will be able to set up redirections for missing Email tokens. For example, if the primary contact email for a customer is not set, you can redirect report execution to a particular printer. You can also email reports with additional attachments such as Terms and conditions.

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Save to Attachments

For the File print destination Docentric SSRS Replicas enable saving report output files to Attachments of the specified entity instead of the underlying entity. For example, if you select File as the target print destination and turn on the Save to Attachments option for the Sales invoice report, the output file will be attached to the corresponding Sales order (the SalesTable table), Customer or Invoice journal, depending of your selection.

Quick start for further customization

Free Edition

If you want to add additional placeholders or change any of the currently selected print destination settings, you will have a sample X++ code on how to proceed.

Often there is also a requirement to add additional email attachments to outgoing emails, e.g. Terms and conditions when emailing invoices. You will be able to do this more easily in the existing Docentric DSP classes of Docentric Replicas.


Note that when using Full Edition, starting from the version 3.3.4, you can select the documents, which you want to attach to the outgoing email additionally, directly on the Print destination settings form. However, the installed Docentric SSRS Replicas are a prerequisite to fully enable this feature, i.e. to enable selecting additional email attachment from all types of sources. Learn more >>

Full Edition

To add additional data, instead of extending (or overlayering) the report built-in artifacts such as temporary tables and DP classes, you will be changing the custom DSP classes shipped with Docentric SSRS Replicas. Moreover, since Docentric designs work with XML based data sources, you can shape and structure your data however you like, even add new data sets and child data sets with only few lines of code in your report’s DSP class.

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Docentric SSRS Replicas enable developers to have a quick start when they need to add additional data, introduce new report placeholders or custom email attachments, change Docentric archive contract or any of print destination settings.

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