Improved Email Templates

In D365FO you can set up Email templates for sending email notifications for Retail orders, Workflows, Alerts, etc.


With Docentric AX Free Edition you can:

  • Use an advanced HTML editor to format email bodies within D365FO.
  • Pick a placeholder from a list of available placeholders for the current email, if you need to create a dynamic email body.
  • All standard Alert and Workflow placeholders, such as %Message% and %LinkToBusinessData% are supported. Workflow comments are also supported as placeholders.
  • Define custom placeholders using custom ETH classes. Learn more >>
  • From 3.4.1 version you can configure which Attachments to be added to Alert or Workflow emails. Document management attachments with Attachment tags specified in the email template are used for attachment selection. You can support even more complex business requirements by implementing your specific rules in the corresponding ETH (Email Template Handler) class - on the Email templates form, the ETH class is selected via combobox Class for placeholders.

    Attachments are supported through the setup for Alerts and Workflows but not for Retail notifications. However, you can support them by using the helper method DocGlobalHelper::containsTags().
    You can tag any Attachment in D365FO once you install Free Edition due to an extension of the DocuView form.
    Learn more >>
  • Workflow emails are sent OOTB via Batch email sending status, while Docentric reenables Alert emails to be sent via Batch email sending status as well. The Batch email sending status form will show additional data such as the Alert- and Workflow- related Context information, Account number if applicable, clickable Alert rule ID and Notification ID. Using this data, you can run a separate Email distributor batch job for specific Alert or Workflow emails. Learn more >>

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