How to Add Additional Data to a Query Based Report

You can take a classic SSRS approach to add additional data to a SSRS query-based report, which means extending the report query as described in MS documentation.

However, there is another so-called Docentric approach, by using a custom DSP class. However, there is a difference between adding additional data to RDP- (Report Data Provider) based reports and query-based reports.

Namely, you need to override the addAdditionalDataFieldsForQueryRecord() method instead of the addDataFieldsForRdpTableRecord() method which is used for RDP-based reports.

Another difference is that when adding additional data via the addAdditionalDataFieldsForQueryRecord() method, there is no option to remove fields you don’t need.

Let’s take a look at Work report (WHSWork.Report) and how we can add additional data using Docentric approach.

You can find many other examples in Docentric SSRS Replicas.

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