Import/Export License Plate Labels

For import/export License plate labels there is already a built-in data entity: Document routing printers (WHSDocumentRoutingPrinterEntity). We extended it to support the new data fields added by Docentric to the Document routing printers (WHSDocumentRoutingLine) table: WHSDocumentRoutingPrinterEntity.Extension_DCL.

Additionally, we created a new data entity named Docentric Document Routing Printers (DocWHSDocumentRoutingPrinterEntity) to enable import/export of the new table added by Docentric: Docentric Document routing printers (the DocWHSDocumentRoutingLine table).

Import/Export of Docentric templates for license plate labels should be done as import/export of any other template and report registered in Docentric report setup. Learn how >>
If you have existing Document routing setup that you want to move/reorganize into setup extensions created by Docentric, you can use these data entities, e.g. to export setup data, adjust it in Excel, and import the changed data back into D365FO in the steps you find suitable for your scenarios (per company, per work order type, etc.).

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