How to Unlock Full Edition With a License

You don’t need any license (and unlocking the product) to use Docentric AX Free Edition.
After installation you are good to go.

If you want to try out other Docentric AX features such as improving SSRS report designs, contact us at to get an evaluation license and unlock the full product version as described in this manual. No additional installation is needed to upgrade from Free Edition to Full Edition.

Load license file

Navigate to the Docentric AX workspace and open the Docentric AX parameters form. The workspace can be found among other workspaces, or in the Organization administration module. Navigate to the Licensing tab page and click the Load license file button.


Locate and select the DocentricAXLicense.lic file that contains your license. If the loaded license is valid, the product will be unlocked.


The same procedure applies also when renewing the license subscription.
Learn more on subscription renewals >>

Only users with the System administrator, Docentric AX Administrator and Docentric AX License Manager security roles can upload, remove or export a license, configure license notification settings, receive subscription expiration notifications and request subscription renewals.

License information

License serial number is a unique key (a guid) assigned to your company regardless of the license type.

The License details fast tab contains all license entitlements. If you purchased an additional Add-On such as Electronic Reporting & Business Documents Add-On, this information will be shown in License details.

The most important information is Subscription start date and Subscription expiration date, which determines the subscription period.


Docentric mostly issues subscription-based licenses, where you are allowed to use your license entitlements during the subscription period (usually one year). The expired subscription of such a license will block all Full Edition features and the product will cease to work.

Docentric has been issuing perpetual licenses as well, which never expire. However, there is a Maintenance and Support subscription period (usually one year), during which you can upgrade the product to get new features and bug fixes. So, with a perpetual license, the product will work indefinitely unless it is upgraded to a version released after the subscription expiration date.

License types

There are the following license types:

  • End-user license (formerly Production and Test licenses)
    Unlocks Full Edition features and those Add-On features which are purchased.

    Currently licensed Add-Ons:

    • Electronic Reporting & Business Documents Add-On.
    • Warehouse Labels Add-On.
  • Evaluation license
    Unlocks all Full Edition features including all Add-On features.
  • Partner license (formerly Development license)
    Unlocks all Full Edition features including all Add-On features.
  • Free edition with paid support license
    Doesn’t unlock any Full Edition feature but entitles you to premium customer service by Docentric Support Team.



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