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is to become the standard in the reporting field for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.
We are confident that we will get there simply because we are so passionate about our core values: Excellence, Competence, Commitment and Responsibility.

Our Core Values

Core values


We strive to achieve top product quality and excellence in customer support. We want you to feel safe and satisfied when using our product.


We are constantly building our skills and knowledge to become and remain a reliable technical authority in the field of reporting.


We are deeply committed to continuous delivery of all the great new features requested primarily by you – Microsoft partners and end-users.


Many businesses around the world use our product. We are aware that this is a great responsibility but rest assured that we take it very seriously.

Proud to Work with

Docentric clients
Docentric clients
Let's work together

Let’s Work Together

Without great partners we can’t do great work.


What Our Clients Say


Roger Fleury

Dynamics Practice Lead at Shea Global Limited


We decided to go into a strategic partnership with Docentric because they have a great product that delivers exactly what our customers need. Working with Docentric has proved to us that their team really does care about customer service as much as we do. It has been a pleasure working with them.

With tight integration to D365F&O and report design in MS Word, our functional consultants and even end users can easily produce great looking layouts. Docentric has also allowed us to drastically cut our overall costs for such necessary customizations.

I do look forward to seeing what new smart features they deliver in the future to help our customers with their document management and digital transformation.


Brittany O’Neill

Software Engineer at MCA Connect


Since I started using Docentric, it’s dramatically improved my work life. Positioning Docentric with our clients is easy, because of the increased productivity. I can confidently tell them that Docentric will cut development work in half.


Marilyn Stuart

Practice Manager at Fusion5


Docentric for me has become a no-brainer install for all our projects!

Great that you continue to update with some great features. 👏


Andrea Parsons

Senior IT Generalist at Luck Stone


Docentric is the best ISV provider I’ve worked with. You are always very responsive.

Thank you.


Mary Sparks

D365FO Program Manager at HBD Industries, Inc.


When our company first started down the path of migrating our systems over to D365FO we were incredibly overwhelmed with the report designs. We found the out of the box external forms lacking in many key areas that were crucial in our communications with customers and vendors. When we made the decision to partner with Docentric they had an immediate positive impact on our form development process. Their teams are always willing to jump in and work with you to resolve any issue that you encounter or give you one on one advice on how to solve a design requirement.

I will always recommend Docentric in all my future projects!


Chad Deason

IT Manager at Palmetto Brick Company


Docentric can be pretty awesome! Redesigned our AP check with Docentric template today in about 30 minutes. Already printed two live checks.

Thanks for recommending Docentric!


Cristina Perego

Senior Consultant for Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations at Deloitte Italia


Before we started using Docentric, I have never designed any reports; this was strictly the developers’ job. Since we usually have a lot of complex invoices, quotes and other documents to customize in our projects, I was really happy that with Docentric I finally got a smart tool that enabled me to implement our clients’ document requests without any help, by using familiar MS Word. Docentric’s customer support also proved as really professional; they efficiently solved or offered to help me with any questions or issues I had.

I think that Docentric has opened a new possibility of designing business documents not only to functional consultants but also to our customers. Since reports are designed in MS Word, end-users are certainly able to change their layout, styles and formatting, and even dynamic data.


Pradeep Itnal

Sr. Dynamics 365 for Operations and AX 2012 Technical Consultant at Ax Factory


I have worked with many partners and customers over a period of time. But Docentric stands apart from other providers, always there to help their customers and partners. KUDOS to the team and Docentric, the best reporting / BI product ever.


Kinda Sumlaji

Microsoft Dynamics AX Consultant at Accigo AB


In my career I have been developing reports using both technologies, the built-in SSRS and Docentric AX. I have to say that I am much faster and have far more options regarding report design when using Docentric. I don’t have to build a report, deploy it and wait each time, in order to test my changes on the report design; I don’t even need to change temporary tables in order to add additional data to a report. With Docentric I managed to complete some very complex reports in Retail including invoices, purchase orders and customer account statements.

I’m also very pleased with Docentric’s team who always listen to our developers’ voice. They took my suggestions for how they could improve their product very seriously, implementing them as new features. I’m looking forward to working with Docentric on my next projects.


Matic Končan

Microsoft Dynamics AX Software Architect at Adacta


We used Docentric in several projects in the utility sector. Comparing to the built-in tools, we found developing reports with Docentric significantly easier and faster. I cannot even imagine how much time we would spend on 50+ different documents that we customized for each client, without using Docentric. Some of our clients are also in the public sector that requires customization of a bunch of additional documents such as various statements, letters, claims and contracts in order to cover all legal procedures and processes. With Docentric each of these reports took us just a few hours; without Docentric, using only the built-in tools, it would take days.

Docentric support team always responded within an hour if a problem appeared, and it was solved promptly. In general, we are very satisfied with Docentric as a development tool and also with its performance in production.


Benoit Lhermenier

ERP Project Manager at
ELCA Informatik AG


We’ve started to use Docentric for the first time this year in our Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations projects, and we really benefited from improved Print Archive and emailing capabilities. When we needed a new feature – a possibility to insert a company logo in the email body when emailing reports, Docentric team created it for us very quickly. We’re very satisfied with efficient and professional Docentric support; they are experts in what they do.


Jim Willsher

Global CTO at SAGlobal


This Free Edition is really, really cool stuff :). It shows what a huge hole there is in the standard Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation solution. I can’t believe this really is free. It’s too good to be free!


Yves Wunderlin

Owner of Senergy Services AG


We chose Docentric mostly because we wanted to speed up our report customization that became even harder in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations where it has to be done using extensions. Docentric also provided us with a feature that is very important to our client but is not supported by the built-in SSRS technology: the use of custom fonts in output documents. We at Senergy appreciate working with agile and highly-experienced professionals, and I can say that Docentric’s team is certainly made of such people.


Richard Krol

ERP Support Specialist at RPM International Inc.


Docentric gave us the flexibility and efficiency we needed when customizing reports in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Warehouse Management in our Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations projects. This tool allows us to effectively grab any data we need, without changing or extending built-in artifacts, including the ability to review and test reports right from the Docentric Designer Add-in. The experienced support team at Docentric is always prepared to go the extra mile to help and assist you achieve the wanted results.


Ivan Larsen

Consultant for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations at Advania Norway


As a functional consultant I often create various templates for our customers using Docentric. Many of our customers are focused on project invoices customization which may be quite a demanding task. I work with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 as well as with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, and Docentric has proven as a very good reporting tool in both solutions. I like Docentric’s flexibility which greatly simplifies report design and empowers functional consultants to achieve stunning results.

I must also say that Docentric support team has always been very responsive and helpful, always pointing me in the right direction when I encountered problems. I would recommend Docentric as a great asset in a functional consultant’s toolbox.


Rita Panizzolo

Business Analyst and Docentric Expert, part of the Corporate IT Team at Mapei Group Italy


We are working on a large project with 80+ legal entities and complex multilingual document requirements, all that in on-premises deployment. Fortunately, we have been using Docentric from the very beginning and successfully implemented those requirements.

Docentric support team has always been ready to help and also assist us with our custom scenarios. I’m very happy that Docentric is making our life in D365FO so much easier 🙂 !


Lynda Steed

Executive Admin at Orbit Irrigation Products, LLC


Our company is implementing D365FO and realized that we needed additional and more specific forms than were available. Docentric was suggested as a solution. While there is much to learn about how to create forms for D365 using Docentric, I found the software to be quite intuitive, especially if one knows a few programming structures and how to use logic. A more-than-basic knowledge of Word is also recommended.

But even better than the intuitive software is the customer support. I received very quick and thorough responses to my questions, complete with screen shots and well-written explanations. Their command of English is excellent and I felt that they truly cared about us being successful.


Suchitra Kotakonda

Senior Enterprise Applications Administrator at Symphony RetailAI


Docentric support team helped us many times and gave us guidance for advanced scenarios regarding report design and emailing. Really appreciate the prompt support from Docentric team every time! Thank you guys, you are the best 😃 !