Data Source Provider (DSP) Classes

With Report Data Preparation framework, which is based on so-called DSP (Data Source Provider) classes, you can prepare data for a report super-fast. You don’t have to use temporary tables, views or queries – instead, you can simply traverse through the needed data in X++ and add them to the report data source, shaped/nested/calculated as needed, by using Docentric AX APIs.

Using the Report Data Preparation framework and DSP classes you can add additional data to an existing SSRS report without extending the built-in report artifacts such as temporary tables and DP classes.

When a new SSRS report design is registered in Docentric report setup, the Docentric Default DSP class is set to be used with this report by default. This class is a part of Docentric AX Framework, and enables reusing of existing SSRS report data sets that are filled by built-in RDP classes or queries.

However, you have a possibility to inherit the Default DSP class and create so-called a custom DSP class, which you will then be able to assign to a particular report in Docentric report setup.

Create and use custom DSP classes when you need to:

  • Add additional data to existing SSRS reports, without changing built-in report artifacts such as RDP (Report Data Provider) classes, tables or queries. You will be able to accomplish this much easier than using extensions.
  • Create a new custom SSRS report, without using RDP classes or tables. You can add data from arbitrary AX tables and views, or any other internal or external data source, using plain X++. Report data sources can be shaped into meaningful groups and hierarchies, unlike SSRS’s "rectangular" data.
  • Manage custom placeholders used in Docentric print destinations.
  • Dynamically change print destination settings, e.g. to select different template, or to add additional email attachments.
  • Define Docentric archive contract, in order to use all features which Docentric adds to built-in Print archive, Additional email attachments, Saving reports to Attachments and Report log.

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