Docentric CBD Replicas

What are Docentric CBD Replicas

Docentric CBD Replicas are Docentric ER-based templates, which are “copies” of ER Formats of the corresponding Configurable business documents. They run on top of existing Docentric SSRS Replicas, i.e. their custom DSP classes.

In order to support the mixed use of SSRS- and ER-based templates as well as the use of already existing Custom placeholders and improved Print archive, the installation of Docentric SSRS Replicas is mandatory.

When you run a report using a Docentric ER-based template, the configured report ER Model mapping is executed to generate the runtime DDSP (CBD DDSP). On the other hand, when a Docentric SSRS-based template is used, the configured report DSP class is responsible to generate the DDSP.

In both cases, the configured report DSP class is responsible for populating Custom placeholders and report metadata needed for Print archive as well as for customizations of print settings (if any).

How to add additional data, placeholders and labels

  • To add additional data -> use the configured report ER Data model and Model mapping.
  • To add new placeholders -> use User-defined placeholders.
  • To add new labels -> use User-defined labels.
  • To change printing behavior or implement a custom scenario -> via coding.

Which Docentric CBD Replicas are available

Docentric CBD Replicas haven’t been officially published yet. Please contact as at to get a preview version of the Docentric AX CBD Replicas model.

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