Docentric AX is a better way to

Develop Reports in MS Dynamics 365
for Finance and Operations

Enhance Output Management, Design and Handling of Built-In Transactional SSRS Reports

Costly development, painful updating, design limitations such as printing two-sided invoices, performance and deployment issues, no true WYSIWYG designer – these are some of common SSRS shortfalls addressed by Docentric AX.

Design and print reports as Word documents
You can transform your existing SSRS reports into professional looking purchase orders, invoices, agreements, HR documents, etc. in Microsoft Word and also print them as Word documents.

No coding is required
No coding is required to improve an SSRS report design with Docentric AX. Even end users can finally be engaged in report customization.

Make changes with ease
If you want to add some additional data to a report, you can do it without changing the report’s temporary tables or queries. No report deployment or AOS restart is needed to see the effect of data or design changes.

Improve print destinations
Print destinations are improved with some really cool features.
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Docentric’s enhancement of SSRS reports runs side by side with a built-in SSRS framework and is simple to use. To activate Docentric AX with a particular SSRS report, just mark it as such. You can turn the functionality on or off with a button click.

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Benefit from our Lightweight and Easy-to-use Reporting in Dynamics AX 2012

We created a completely new lightweight reporting stack in Dynamics AX 2012 called “Basic reports”, which will drastically reduce your report development time.

Prepare report data fast
Preparing the data for a report has never been easier: forget about creating those temporary tables, tedious queries or views. Simply traverse through the needed data in X++ and shape/nest/calculate them as you like using Docentric AX powerful APIs. Focus completely on report data, not on infrastructural plumbing.

Update report without any overhead
You don’t have to worry if you forget to add a report parameter, a field or even a child table. You will add, use and test them on your report in no time.

Rapid start
For each new report a smart wizard generates report artifacts for you. Your only task is to provide report data in X++. Still, you may have complete control over report execution by injecting your custom business logic at various execution points.

Powerful print destinations
You can send a report to multiple enhanced print destinations.

With Docentric AX all reports can also be printed as Word documents.

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Make Word Templates First-Class Citizens in Your Dynamics AX 2012 Solution

Are you troubled with Template Libraries within Document Management Framework and MS Word Add-In? With Docentric AX you can experience a much more comfortable way of designing and maintaining your Word templates.

Use data provider classes
Besides queries, you can use X++ to gather data in the context of the Primary Table record and shape/nest/calculate them according to your needs. No temporary tables are required. No display table methods, no complicated queries – this time, you are in charge.

Update with no hassle
Just update the data source in X++/query and refresh it in Docentric AX designer, which is actually MS Word with a special Add-In. Everything works as expected.

Superior template design
Repeating blocks, nested tables, bulleted lists, images and shapes bound to your data sources, realistic preview and much more is at your disposal.
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You will be surprised how infinitely better a Document Template Libraries solution can be.

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Use MS Word as the No. 1 Report and Document Designer

No matter if you enhance built-in SSRS reports or Word templates, in AX 2012 or Dynamics 365 for Operations, you will design your reports and documents with the same Docentric AX Designer.

Design your templates in Microsoft Word
MS Word with an addition of Docentric AX Add-In lets you design your templates in Word just like any other document, using all Word’s awesome features. Using Word, you can easily achieve a unified professional look of your business reports and documents companywide.

Place your data with Point & Click
Our special Add-In for Word helps you mark a template with placeholders and bind them against the attached data source. You can conditionally include/exclude document parts, use XPath to write formulas, filter and shape data, or dynamically insert subdocuments.

Multilingual preview
While designing a template you can use a realistic offline document preview in different languages.

Easy enough to be used by non-developers
Template design can be handed over to your AX consultants or advanced end-users.
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Simplify the automation of purchase orders, invoices, agreements, contracts, HR documents, forms, claims, legal documents, insurance policies, checks, letters, notes, statements, bills, product datasheets, certificates and all those documents that can be truly and only edited with MS Word.

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Significantly Improve Report Print Destinations and Output Formats

Enhanced print destinations
You can print report to a dynamically named file (e.g. Invoice_<InvoiceId>.pdf), save it to Attachments, SharePoint or Azure storage. You can send more than one report/attachment in a single email, or use placeholders in print destination settings such as email body, subject, email address list, output filename, etc.

Use original designs with enhanced destinations
You can use original SSRS report designs with improved Docentric print destinations, and all that for free.
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MS Word output format with 100% fidelity
You can now also print your reports as Word documents, which allows you to manually edit already generated contracts or quotes.

Supported output formats
*Available only in conjunction with SharePoint WAS

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Let Your End Users Engage in Report and Document Customization

Report design by end users
Empower your end users with the right tool, familiar Microsoft Word, and they will be happy to take part in report and document customization.

Enhance reports without coding
End users can create and update design of reports and documents without help of developers.

Accelerate communication with your end users
You will be able to communicate report and document requirements with your clients more efficiently. Their input in the form of Word documents can be directly used as a starting point for template design with Docentric AX Designer.

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15 minutes is all you need to install the product. Straightforward how-to manuals and examples will guide you on your evaluation journey. You will quickly get an idea of how Docentric AX best fits in your projects.

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