How to Extend Data Sections of DDSP

You can learn here what DDSP file is, how to produce it and how it is structured >>

Basically, in a DDSP there are three data sections:

  • The Parameters data section – contains report parameters defined by SSRS report contract. Extend this section by overriding the addParameters() method of the report. See how to add a report dynamic parameter >>
  • The MainData data section – contains report data exposed and filled by a RDP class or query. We can change this section (add additional data, remove or reshape data) by using a custom DSP class. Learn more >>
  • The GeneralData data section – contains current company info, current worker info, etc. Extend this section by overriding one the following methods:
    • addGeneralDataSectionBaseCompanyInfo() – to add additional data related to current company.
    • addGeneralDataSectionBaseWorkerInfo() – to add additional data related to current worker.
    • addGeneralDataSectionBaseMiscInfo() – to add additional miscellaneous data.
    • addGeneralDataSectionBase() – to completely rewrite the whole GeneralData data section.
The concept of DSP classes hasn’t changed for D365FO comparing to the AX 2012 product version. Moreover, DSP classes for these two platforms are 100% compatible.
We explained how to extend the data sections of DDSP in more details in the corresponding how-to manual for the AX 2012 product version. See the manual >>

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