Report Print Destinations

With Docentric AX you can significantly improve report print destinations:

  • Screen
    Much better report viewer that also works with the on-premises version.
    Preview before print to Email, Printer or File.
  • Email
    Placeholders, Additional attachments, HTML body with the superior rich text editor.
    Multiple outgoing mail servers / sender accounts. Email reports using built-in Email processing.
    Reply-to, Bounce-to, Message priority, Read and Delivery receipts.
  • File
    Placeholders, Save to Azure Blob storage, Azure Files, SharePoint, Attachments or File system.
    Download in browser and Run in batch work in both on-premises and cloud deployments.
  • Printer
    Print reports to default printer, which can be set up per user or user group.
    Configure and use User allowed or User favorite printers.
    Restrict printers to printing only certain reports.
    Print using custom fonts. Print documents as PDF, routing to network folders.
  • Print archive
    View archived reports’ content and print destination settings, e.g. email messages.
    Search by and jump to related entities (e.g. sales order, invoice journal, customer).
  • Multiple templates
    Template selection on the Print Destination Settings form.
Docentric Free Edition enables printing of all SSRS reports such as Sales Invoice and Purchase Order via Docentric print destinations, which means improved emailing, distribution, printing and archiving.

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