Which Docentric SSRS Replicas Are Available

Accounts receivable

SSRS report name Description
SalesInvoice.Report Customer invoice
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Download >>
FreeTextInvoice.Report Free text invoice Download >>
CustAccountStatementExt.Report Customer account statement Download >>
CustAgingReport (4 designs) Customer aging Download >>
CustInterestNote.Report Interest note Download >>
CustCollectionJour.Report Collection letter note Download >>
CustCollectionLetterOverview.Report Collection letter overview Download >>
AgreementConfirmation.Report Sales agreement confirmation Download >>
SalesQuotation.Report Sales quotation Download >>
SalesQuotationConfirmation.Report Sales quotation confirmation Download >>
SalesConfirm.Report Sales order confirmation Download >>
SalesPackingSlip.Report Sales order packing slip Download >>
BankPaymAdviceCust.Report Payment advice Download >>
BankPaymAdviceCustV2.Report Payment advice (Version 2) Download >>
CustTransOpenPerDate.Report Open transactions report Download >>
ReturnAcknowledgmentAndDocument.Report Return order / Return acknowledgment Download >>

Accounts payable

SSRS report name Description
PurchPurchaseOrder.Report Purchase order Download >>
PurchReceiptsList.Report Purchase order product receipt Download >>
PurchPackingSlip.Report Purchase order receipts list Download >>
RFQSend.Report Request for quotation Download >>
AgreementConfirmation.Report Purchase agreement confirmation Download >>
VendInvoiceDocument.Report Vendor invoice Download >>
Cheque_US.Report U.S. check format Download >>
Cheque_CA.Report Canadian check format Download >>
BankPaymAdviceVend.Report Payment advice Download >>
BankPaymAdviceVendV2.Report Payment advice (Version 2) Download >>

Project management and accounting

SSRS report name Description
PSAManageInvoice.Report User defined project invoice Download >>
PSAProjInvoice.Report Project invoice without billing rules Download >>
PSAContractLineInvoice.Report Project invoice with billing rules Download >>
PSAQuotations.Report Project quotation Download >>

General ledger

SSRS report name Description
LedgerTransListAccount.Report Ledger transaction list Download >>

Transportation management

SSRS report name Description
TMSCommercialInvoice.Report Commercial invoice Download >>
TMSCertificateOfOrigin.Report NAFTA certificate of origin Download >>
TMSRoute.Report Route Download >>
TMSLoadTender.Report Load tender Download >>

Inventory management

SSRS report name Description
WMSPickingList_OrderPick.Report Picking list Download >>
InventTransferOrderOverview.Report Transfer overview Download >>

Warehouse management

SSRS report name Description
WHSBillOfLading.Report Bill of lading Download >>
WHSPickListShipping.Report Shipping pick list for wave Download >>
WHSContainerContents.Report Container contents report Download >>
WHSLoadList.Report Load list Download >>
WHSWork.Report Work report Download >>

Sales and marketing

SSRS report name Description
WMSBillOfLading.Report Bill of lading Download >>

Production control

SSRS report name Description
ProdReport.Report Production order report Download >>
ProdRouteCard.Report Route card report Download >>
ProdJobCard.Report Job card report Download >>
ProdPickList.Report Picking list report Download >>

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