User Allowed Printers

Some businesses require a control over printers usage in a way that doesn’t allow all users to print to all printers. User allowed printers feature fulfills this requirement, by using the same setup as for the User favorite printers, but in a restrictive mode where Administrator performs the configuration and users don’t have the possibility to modify it.

Enable User allowed printers

To enable the User allowed printers feature, go to Docentric AX parameters > Print destinations > Printer print destination and in the User printers field group set the User printers mode to User allowed printers or User allowed printers (Docentric printing):

The difference between these two settings is as follows:

User allowed printers (Docentric printing) is applied only when the Docentric printer print destination is used. This has the following consequences:

  • When user opens the printer lookup from the Docentric printer print destination, he sees only his allowed printers and can select only from that list.
  • If user enters manually the name of a non-allowed printer, validation error occurs.
  • If a specific printer is configured in Print management for a report and user who doesn’t have that printer among the allowed printers tries to print the report, runtime error is raised.
  • If user selects @DEFAULT_PRINTER@ (or it is set in Print management) and his default printer isn’t among his allowed printers, runtime error is raised.

User allowed printers is applied to both Docentric printer and SSRS printer print destination in the following way:

  • When printing through Docentric printer print destination, everything described above applies.
  • When printing through SSRS printer print destination, all printers are offered in the printer lookup (allowed printers configuration isn’t applied), but runtime error is raised if the selected printer isn’t allowed for the current user.

Once the feature is enabled, Administrator can configure User allowed printers for selected users (or all users). Administrator can do it from the printer perspective and from the user perspective.

Set up User allowed printers by printer

Setup form and actions are exactly the same as when setting up User favorite printers by printer.

Set up User allowed printers by user

Setup form and actions are exactly the same as when setting up User favorite printers by user.

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