Shared Folder Setup

Shared folders can be used with Docentric for the following purposes:

  • As storage for Docentric templates (aka designs) in on-premises environments.
    Learn more about template storage options >>
  • As target print destination when printing reports. This is also applicable only in on-premises environments.
  • As temporary template storage in development phase on OneBox.
    This is the fastest way while making design changes to test them from both Docentric designer and the application.
Keep in mind that using File system as template storage or target print destination when printing reports makes sense only in on-premises production environments.

Default shared folder used for template storage can be set in Docentric AX parameters so when you choose to store a Docentric template on File system, this will become the default value which you can change afterwards.

Default shared folder for printing reports to File system can also be set in Docentric AX parameters, and afterwards changed on the Print destination settings form for a particular report.

The instructions below demonstrate the process of setting up a shared folder on File system. Let's say that we want to share the C:\Temp\TemplateStorage folder so that we can use it as template storage. We need to set up security on this folder for at least AOS account, which must have both READ and WRITE permissions. To do this, we need to know in the first place which account is used by AOS application. On how to find this out you can learn from instructions below.

The same procedure can be repeated for shared folders used as destination folders when printing reports to File system.

How to set up a shared folder step-by-step

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