Print Archive Saving Settings

Archiving options

You can set up archiving options globally, i.e. for all reports and for all companies, in Docentric AX parameters > Print archive.

Archiving options define:

  • When a report is generated in the file format different from PDF, you can choose to archive it in this format as well. In this case, the report will be archived in both original and PDF format.
  • When archiving reports that are emailed, whether additional email attachments should be saved to Print archive as well. Moreover, you can select to archive the whole email message.
  • You can also choose whether to archive report parameters, including the dynamic parameter, which is defined by a query and can various filters dynamically set (the Records to include tab page on the report dialog).

Archiving options per report

You can also set up the same Archiving options per report in Docentric report setup > Print archive.


When you set up a report to be archived with its parameters, after archiving this report you will be able to search Print archive by the report parameters' name and value.

You can set up a note on the Print destination settings form, which will be saved alongside other data in Print archive. It can come handy when used in combination with Print management. Using Print archive note you can improve filtering of archived reports.



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