How to Use Print Management Original and Copy Preview

If we click the Original or Copy preview button on a journal form, a report is generated and printed to the Screen print destination (or to the File print destination in case on-premises installation). The report is generated by SQL Server Reporting Services using the built-in SSRS report design, and shown in the built-in SSRS report viewer.

This is the default behavior that occurs if you don’t have Docentric AX installed, or you have Docentric AX installed but the report is not registered in Docentric report setup.


However, if you are using Docentric AX Free Edition to improve the built-in print destinations, you might need to register a particular SSRS report design in Docentric report setup to be able to use, e.g. Custom placeholders.

You will keep the default behavior of Original and Copy preview if you turn off the Use both Docentric design and viewer and Use only Docentric viewer checkboxes on the Preview settings form. The Preview settings form can be open from Docentric report setup by clicking the Preview settings button from the Settings action pane tab.


Use only Docentric viewer

If you want to use Docentric report viewer instead of the built-in SSRS report viewer, you need to register the wanted SSRS report design (e.g. SalesInvoice.Report) in Docentric report setup, and on the Preview settings form to turn on the Use only Docentric viewer option. When you preview Customer invoice next time, the built-in SSRS report will be generated and open in Docentric viewer.


Use both Docentric viewer and design

If you want to improve not just report viewer but also an SSRS report design by replacing it with a Docentric design (aka Docentric template that is just plain Word document), Docentric AX Free Edition is not sufficient. You need to apply a Docentric license to unlock the functionalities of the full product version. See how >>

Thus, if you are using the full product version, and the Use both Docentric design and viewer checkbox is turned on, Docentric viewer and a Docentric template will be used.


These Use both Docentric design and viewer and Use only Docentric viewer values apply for all companies. You can manage exceptions for particular companies using the grids on the form.

If you want to use more than one template, for Original and Copy preview will always be used so called default Docentric template for the current company and the runtime report language.

Learn more about using multiple templates >>

When previewing Print management reports via Original preview and Copy preview on journals, the result are documents generated without using Print management setup. The output documents are generated based on the default Docentric template considering the current company and runtime language, for that SSRS report design, which is configured as default in the report controller and can be changed via special event handler in X++.
Learn more on the default SSRS report design and how to change it >>

Docentric introduced a feature Print management preview, which enables previewing Print management reports using the Docentric templates, i.e. SSRS report designs configured in Print management setup.
Print management preview works for both Free and Full Edition. Learn more >>

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