Print Archive Document Types

Built-in Print archive utilizes regular Document types for archiving reports. More precisely, the firstly found Document type with File in the Group field will be used, and usually this is the type with Type ID File; the described logic is hardcoded in X++. Because of that, all archived reports are saved to the same location – either to Azure Blob storage or to the same SharePoint folder, which depends on the Location field of Document type with Type ID File.

Instead of using always the same Document type File when archiving reports, Docentric enables you to configure different document types for different companies in Docentric AX Parameters.

Furthermore, you can set up and use different Document types for archiving different reports. This way you can save your invoices and purchase orders in different SharePoint folders. Print archive document types you can set up per report per company in Docentric report setup.


Additional customization when saving to reports Print archive

Additional customization is possible through customization of regular Document types. For example, you can create a new Action class that inherits from DocuActionFile (Attach file) and implements our interface DocDocuActionArchiveInterface. In your custom Action class you will then be able to override the attachFile() method and take advantage of the report archive contract that carries meaningful report metadata such as Invoice ID, Customer Account Number, Sales ID, etc. This way you will be able to implement, e.g. custom attributes when saving reports to SharePoint or completely custom archiving.

To enable report metadata in Print archive improved by Docentric, a small customization is needed via custom DSP classes – report archive contracts have to be filled. Docentric SSRS Replicas already provide this functionality, so we strongly recommend installing them along the core product. This applies to Free Edition too.
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