How to Add Additional Data to License Plate Labels

Adding additional data to the License plate label (DocWHSLicensePlateLabel.Report) report is done in the same way as adding additional data to any other SSRS report improved by Docentric: by inheriting or extending the base DSP class for License plate labels (DocWHSLicensePlateLabelDSPBase). DocWHSLicensePlateLabel.Report is bound to a child class DocWHSLicensePlateLabelDSP (with description: License plate label DSP), which adds the related License plate data record, so you can inherit or extend this class instead.


If you are using the Configurable business documents feature, then you will add additional data by deriving from ER Data model and Model mapping created by Docentric:

  • Docentric License plate label model mapping,
  • Docentric License plate label model.



These two ER configurations are installed in your environment as AOT Resources, delivered as a part of the model Docentric AX License Plate Labels. In one of the future versions, we will enable them to be downloaded from RCS (Regulatory Configuration Service).

Download Docentric ER configurations for License plate labels >>

You can import Docentric ER configurations for License plate labels by using the built-in functionality Organization administration > Electronic reporting > Configurations > Exchange > Load from XML file.

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