Report File Saving Capabilities

When printing reports generated using both SSRS report designs and Docentric templates via Docentric File print destinations, you can save report output files to:

Saving to File system is applicable only for on-premises environments. Note that saving to Azure Files also enables routing of generated reports from the D365FO in the cloud to local network. Learn more >>

On our roadmap is to support for saving report output files to:

  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive

Placeholders and labels are enabled in all print settings related to Docentric File print destination, e.g. output filenames, target folders, Azure blob containers and file shares. Creation of non-existing target folders and file shares are configurable.

Note that SSRS File destination supports only downloading report output files in the browser, hence running in batch is not an option. With Docentric File print destination, you can also print reports in batch.

In the one of the next versions, we will support saving report files with additional attachments.

Saving reports to Azure Blob storage, SharePoint, Azure Files / File system enables advanced reporting and integration scenarios, such as emailing multiple customer invoices in a single email.

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