Document Generation Settings

In Docentric report setup you can set up document generation settings such as PDF Security and PDF Document properties.

PDF Security

PDF Security consists of the following features:

  • PDF Signing,
  • PDF Encryption.

PDF Signing

Electronic signature for PDF documents generated by both SSRS and Docentric rendering engines is supported. Certificates used for PDF signing are configured in a new setup Electronic signature certificates, and can be stored in Azure Key Vault or D365FO database. Additionally, Electronic signature appearances on signed PDF documents can be configured per report template and company.

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PDF Encryption

In Docentric report setup select a report, e.g. SalesInvoice.Report and click the PDF Security menu item. A new form is open where you can set up passwords to secure generated PDF documents for the selected report. Passwords can contain placeholders, e.g. @CustomerVAT@. Recommended password length is between 6 and 64 characters.

You can also set up one or more conditions when to secure generated PDF documents with a password, e.g. when emailing the report or/and saving it to Azure Blob storage.


Passwords are set per company. If you configure the password and encryption conditions for the DAT company, they will be applied for all those companies for which these settings are missing in the setup. If you leave the Encryption password field empty, encryption will not be applied.

Password revisions

Every time a password is changed, a new revision is created. Each revision stores the complete password record. Revisions can be seen if you click Manage changes. Revisions are immutable and cannot be changed or deleted.


View used passwords in Print archive

When a report is printed as encrypted PDF document and saved in Print archive, you can download it with or without the password-protection.

In Print archive you can also view the password used for encryption but only if you have the Docentric AX Print Archive PDF Password Reader security role assigned.

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PDF Document properties

In Docentric report setup select a report, e.g. SalesInvoice.Report and click the PDF Document properties menu item. A new form is open where you can set up properties of generated PDF documents for the selected report. Document properties can contain placeholders, e.g. @InvoiceId@ but also labels, both D365FO and Docentric user-defined labels.

Available properties are: Title, Author, Subject and Keywords. For example, the Title field is used to populate the Title document property when generating the report in PDF format. This value can also be set per company. Check the sample setup and the resulting PDF on the screenshots below.



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Using placeholders

In the passwords used for encryption and document properties (Author, Title, etc.) of the generated PDF documents, you can use all types of placeholders:

  • Standard placeholders - placeholders common for all reports and are provided OOTB, e.g. @COMPANYID@, @COMPANYNAME@, @WORKERTITLE@ and @USEREMAIL@.
  • Custom placeholders - report specific placeholders defined via X++, more precisely using special attributes in report specific DSP classes, e.g. @InvoiceId@ and @InvoiceDate@.
  • User-defined placeholders - report specific placeholders which can be configured in Docentric report setup, and can be bound to any data from the report data source.

You can access to the complete placeholder list for the selected report by clicking the Placeholder list menu item in the main form of Docentric report setup, or from any other sub-form where placeholders can be used, e.g. PDF Security, PDF Document properties and Email sending settings.


Applying PDF Security and Document properties to SSRS reports

No matter whether you generate reports in PDF output format using Docentric templates or SSRS report designs, you can encrypt them both with passwords and set the Title, Author, Subject and Keywords document properties.

PDF Passwords and PDF Document properties for SSRS reports are configured in Docentric report setup in the same way as for those reports based on Docentric templates. In order these settings to be applied, you have to print a SSRS report in PDF output format using a Docentric print destination.

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