Maintenance and Support Policy

The following policy is applicable to customers installing Docentric’s product “Docentric AX”.

Docentric offers two types of licenses:

  • The Subscription license includes Docentric’s maintenance and support by default and it is included in the subscription price.
  • The Perpetual license does not include Docentric’s maintenance and support. It is additionally charged at 20% of the total product price per year and is mandatory for the first year.

Customers with a paid and active Docentric’s standard maintenance and support package are entitled to all software updates and hotfixes.

In addition to support being available from the Docentric’s partners, customers with a paid and active standard maintenance and support package will also have a direct access to the Docentric’s support team, and may report defects and errors in the product directly to Docentric, by sending a detailed report of the issue and how to reproduce it in a standard installation of the product.

  1. Support and Maintenance Program Overview. Standard Maintenance and Support for Docentric software is specifically licensed by Licensee and includes general support questions, basic installation questions, error correction and troubleshooting. The following are available to Docentric customers with paid and active standard Support and Maintenance packages:
    1. Access to Docentric documentation online.
    2. Reporting a new support case on Docentric’s web site
    3. Contacting Docentric’s support team via email
    4. Contacting Docentric’s support team via phone, callback or live sessions (e.g. Skype), 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. CET, Monday to Friday.
    5. Docentric guaranties the response to a support case/issue within one business day.
    6. A submitting report of an issue must contain information about the product version, the environment version (e.g. Application and Platform version) and detail instructions on how to reproduce the issue. Incomplete reports will not be processed by Docentric support team, and will be rejected.
    7. If the current release of the product fails to operate in accordance with the applicable documentation, Docentric shall take such measures as are reasonably necessary and practicable to determine and solve problems related to the function of the software program as designed, and to correct or eliminate any Docentric program errors or malfunctions. Corrective measures may include patches (code fixes) or workarounds (alternate operating techniques), which will, in Docentric’s sole discretion, bring the product into accordance with its documentation. Responses shall be on a first in, first served basis, and priority will be based on Docentric’s assessment of the severity of the problem. Problem escalation procedures will be in accordance with Docentric’s then current policies and procedures. Docentric does not guarantee service results or represent or warrant that all errors or program defects will be corrected.
    8. Docentric does not guarantee to work and shall not be liable, in any matter, for Third-Party Solutions availability and/or level of performance and/or problems affecting the same functional areas as Docentric's.
    9. Software releases issued during the maintenance period.
      Docentric may recommend that Licensee install the then-current version available to correct or mitigate problems which may exist. All such service work to complete the upgrade is available on a fee basis from Docentric’s professional services organization. Software maintenance and support of obsolete versions of the software may be made available at the discretion of Docentric. Any such agreement would be subject to a separate fee arrangement.
    10. Docentric will guarantee to be compatible with (1) Generally Available Version (MS Release Schedule) at the moment of its release, with (2) First Release Version in 15 days after its release, however Docentric will make best effort to be compatible with (3) Preview Version within 7 days from its release.
    11. Docentric guarantees that the product supports all D365FO versions supported by Microsoft.
    12. The opportunity to contribute enhancement suggestions to Docentric’s product development efforts.
  1. Additional Support Services Available. Standard Maintenance and Support Services do not include training, specific report analysis, design, customization or X++ development, technical and development support (that allows customers direct access to our technical support team with Docentric AX programming support, e.g., installation issues, custom solutions, support, X++ code support, etc.), on-site services, third party software support or Licensee working environment procedures (testing, back-ups, hardware configuration, etc.) or operation of related software, such as databases, networks, security or operating systems. Any problem that is submitted by the Licensee and that is not covered by Maintenance and Support Services will be subject to an additional charge. Licensee shall pay Docentric, at Docentric’s then-current hourly rates, for Docentric’s services in responding to a Licensee report of an error, malfunction, or defect, if: (a) such error, malfunction, or defect is not reproducible; (b) such error, malfunction or defect is caused, directly or indirectly, by the acts of any person intended to cause such error, malfunction or defect; (c) the product “Docentric AX” is used in connection with a hardware configuration and system environment which are not compatible with the configuration and environment recommended by Docentric for the Licensed Material; (d) Licensee has not installed all Releases from Docentric; (e) the error, malfunction or defect is caused, directly or indirectly, by third party software or hardware; (f) there have been modifications or changes to the Licensed Material by the Licensee or any person other than Docentric (g) Licensee does not assist Docentric as required, including without limitation providing Docentric trained staff; (h) the Software is not installed and operation in accordance with the then-current Documentation; or (i) the error, malfunction, or defect is not caused by the product “Docentric AX”.
  1. Training. Docentric will only provide support to employees of Licensee who have been trained on Docentric software, i.e. which know how to use the product “Docentric AX”. In the event that the employee assigned by Licensee as its Docentric resource is no longer employed by Licensee, it is the responsibility of Licensee to replace and train such resource at cost to Licensee. Docentric reserves the right to deny support to untrained employees of Licensee.
  1. Expired Maintenance and Support Packages. Licensees who have not paid Maintenance Fees for their then-current maintenance term are not eligible to receive Technical Support. A Licensee who has not paid maintenance and support fees for their then-current maintenance term must pay all outstanding Maintenance Fees before receiving assistance. Outstanding charges include past-due fees plus a current 12-month Maintenance Fee.

If the standard support and maintenance program does not meet Licensee needs, enhanced programs are available for additional fees. If you would like to engage with Docentric for any enhanced service, support or training offerings, please contact Docentric via email or phone +386 47 774 180 (EU), +1 650 835 7260 (US).