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Archived Outgoing Documents for Customers and Vendors in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Docentric AX (both Free and Full product versions) contains a useful feature for cases when a user wants to search and view archived outgoing documents directly on a customer or vendor card, no matter if the documents were printed, emailed or saved to SharePoint or File system. In this way if a customer or vendor […]

Export D365FO Customer Print Management settings

Print Management settings in D365FO allow users to specify the settings in different places and on different levels. The settings can become quite complex, thus often leading to confusion, difficulties in maintenance and problems when searching for the cause of unexpected behavior. Users sometimes even ask the developers for help, with the requirement to create […]

D365FO Print Management settings per module

First and most common way of configuring the Print Management in D365FO is on the module level. All the Print Management reports related to a particular module are found on one common form for that module. Sadly, the navigation to these forms is not the same across the modules and the users often have difficulties […]

Append Terms and Conditions to printed Purchase orders or Invoices in D365FO

Often there is a need to append Terms and Conditions (T&C) to a printed purchase order or invoice in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Instead of printing them as the last pages of a generated document, you can also email T&C along the printed purchase order or invoice. While our reporting add-on for D365FO […]

Send nicely designed emails from workflows in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

If you want to have better designed emails for your workflow notifications, check out how our free Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Add-On – Docentric AX Free Edition – can help you. In this article we will demonstrate how to customize workflow email notifications for the Purchase requisition review workflow by adding WF specific […]

Email reports from multiple sender addresses in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

When it comes to emailing reports from DYN365FO, we are all facing the same problem: it’s simply too limited. For example, we cannot set up the email body or additional email attachments nor we can use placeholders to make the email subject and output filename dynamic (e.g. Invoice <Invoice ID>.pdf). This is where Docentric AX […]

Configure Exchange to support multiple sender accounts for outgoing emails in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Sometimes we would like to send emails using different sender email addresses, but standard DYN365FO supports just one set of SMTP settings in Email parameters. You can still provide any sender email address you want per template in Organization email templates, but sending such an email usually fails. Similar requirement for multiple sender email addresses […]

Printing to Default Printer in D365FO

When printing the reports to the Printer print destination by using the Print Management, D365FO users often need to print to a printer other than the one configured in the Print Management settings. There is a work-around: preview the report and then print, so that you get the chance to specify a printer of your […]