Video Send Sales Order Confirmation Emails with Item Attachments

One of the frequent business requirements for emailing public facing documents, like purchase orders, sales order confirmations, invoices, etc., is adding additional attachments to the outgoing D365FO emails. As you will see, Docentric offers strong support for this functionality. You will find a flexible rule-based […]

Append PDF Product Specifications to Printed Purchase Orders in D365FO

Let’s say that we want to print purchase orders with all corresponding product specifications appended at the end of output document generated in PDF format. We will assume that product specifications are PDF documents stored as Attachments (Document management) of built-in Products in D365FO. In […]

Video Webinar: Configurable Business Documents – Part 1 of 2

Our second and third webinar from the Configurable Business Documents in Electronic Reporting (CBD-ER) series explain what Configurable Business Documents are and how to use them in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. You will learn that Configurable Business Documents are special Electronic Reporting configurations, […]