Email or print invoice from D365FO, depending on customer email address availability

Business processes related to invoicing often require that the posted invoice is emailed to the customer. Companies try to automate these processes and perform them in batch in D365FO, by posting and emailing large number of invoices at once. Here is the problem: sometimes it happens that the customer contact email address doesn’t exist in […]

Why is Container contents report always printed to Screen in D365FO

This article explains why Container contents report is always printed to Screen no matter which print destination you select on the Print destination settings form opened from its report dialog form. The WHS Bill of lading report shows the same misbehavior, so everything explained here is applicable to this report too. The Bug: Report is […]

Export D365FO Customer Print Management settings

Print Management settings in D365FO allow users to specify the settings in different places and on different levels. The settings can become quite complex, thus often leading to confusion, difficulties in maintenance and problems when searching for the cause of unexpected behavior. Users sometimes even ask the developers for help, with the requirement to create […]

Email reports from multiple sender addresses in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

When it comes to emailing reports from DYN365FO, we are all facing the same problem: it’s simply too limited. For example, we cannot set up the email body or additional email attachments nor we can use placeholders to make the email subject and output filename dynamic (e.g. Invoice <Invoice ID>.pdf). This is where Docentric AX […]

Printing to Default Printer in D365FO

When printing the reports to the Printer print destination by using the Print Management, D365FO users often need to print to a printer other than the one configured in the Print Management settings. There is a work-around: preview the report and then print, so that you get the chance to specify a printer of your […]

Getting all D365FO Print Management settings in Excel

Print Management settings in D365FO is a powerful framework, which offers versatile settings possibilities. The settings often become too complex, which causes the painful maintenance. In this post I will show you how to make this task simpler by getting all the settings in one place in an Excel sheet. Why is Print Management settings […]

Multiple use of Report caption

Report caption is usually set to the caption of the report menu item, e.g. Customer account statement. Sometimes, the report menu item caption ‘got lost’ in the report execution pipeline and the technical report name (i.e. name of the report in AOT) becomes visible to end users instead, e.g. PurchPurchaseOrder.Report.   Report caption is used […]

Email reports with images from database in the email body in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Let’s say that we want to email reports from Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with some attractive content in the email body including images. Beside static content, some email parts can be dynamic and specific for every report execution. Standard Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations supports sending emails with attached reports, but without […]

Email invoices with Company logo in the email body in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Let’s say that we want to email invoices to our customers from Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with some useful information in the email body such as billing period and due date. Moreover, we want to have this information nicely designed, using the styles of our company. Of course, we also want to have […]

Dynamic report filenames in Print archive in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

IMPORTANT NOTICE: From the version 3.3.0 Docentric improves the built-in Print archive by adding features described in this articles out-of-the-box. Find out more >> If you have a need to save reports to Print archive using dynamic filenames and not the default ones (which are fixed), you can achieve this by using Docentric AX Free […]