Trace HTTPS Requests and Responses in D365FO

Recently, we were faced with the challenge of checking what our D365FO environment was sending and receiving over HTTPS protocol on the Internet and why the integration with external services such as Microsoft Office or SharePoint Online was not working. In order to solve the […]

Generate Configurable Business Document as Byte Array

In this article, we will show you how to generate Customer account statement, which is a Configurable business document, as a byte array in both original (Excel/Word) and PDF format. Configurable business documents sit on top of SSRS and cannot be generated outside the SSRS report execution pipeline, […]

D365FO Electronic Reporting Datasource Types and When to Use Them

While learning about D365FO Electronic Reporting and trying to make your first ER model mapping configurations, you will notice that numerous D365FO ER datasource types are available in the ER Model mapping designer. You may wonder what the purpose of these different types is. Why […]

Video Webinar: Create Invoices With T&Cs Using Electronic Reporting

How many times have you needed to append Terms and Conditions to your invoices? Or to embed product images and product specifications to make them look professional and appealing? Is such a fully automated process an impossible task for non-developers? Not necessarily! Join our webinars […]

Video Webinar: Docentric Enhanced Configurable Business Documents

We invite you to watch our fourth and last webinar from the Configurable Business Documents in Electronic Reporting (CBD-ER) series. In this 45-minute webinar, we demonstrate how Docentric improves Configurable Business Documents in terms of design and printing. In live demos, we demonstrate the implementation […]

Video Webinar: Configurable Business Documents – Part 1 of 2

Our second and third webinar from the Configurable Business Documents in Electronic Reporting (CBD-ER) series explain what Configurable Business Documents are and how to use them in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. You will learn that Configurable Business Documents are special Electronic Reporting configurations, […]

Video Webinar: Electronic Reporting Basics Through Simple Example

In our first webinar from the Configurable Business Documents in Electronic Reporting (CBD-ER) series, you will learn the basics of Electronic Reporting in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, and the necessary setup to start using it. The webinar shows live demos of how to […]