Report emailing settings

In this article we will first discuss the features of built-in report emailing, and then we will focus on how Docentric AX improves report emailing and the Email print destination. Built-in functionality: Use of E-mail parameters In SSRS framework, built-in email functionality works in the following way: 1) When you run an SSRS report on […]

Email reports with customized body and additional attachments

Let’s say that we want to email purchase orders with customized body and two additional attachments, which are arbitrary documents stored on file system, SharePoint or database. Instead of attaching documents with static content, we can also attach related reports, for example Purchase order product receipt (the procedure is similar). Navigate to Company/Accounts payable/Setup/Forms and […]

Email purchase order to specific vendor contacts

Let’s say that we want to email purchase order to a vendor primary contact or to all vendor contacts which have a specific contact purpose assigned. First we have to create a Contact information purpose. Navigate to Company/Organization administration/Setup/Global address book and open the Address and contact information purpose form. Add a new Contact information […]