Printing Invoice to Sales Order Attachments

You can use Docentric File print destination to output reports to Attachments of the underlying entity, i.e. the context record of the executing report. Unlike the built-in File print destination, when using Docentric you can output reports in batch, e.g. save them to Azure storage, SharePoint or Attachments. What if saving to Attachments fails If […]

Save Report to Attachments

We can use the Docentric File print destination and the Save to attachments option to save report to Attachments of the underlying entity, which is the report execution context record, i.e. a record of the report menu item. Let’s say that we want to save the Purchase order report to Attachments of the Purchase order […]

Email reports with customized body and additional attachments

Let’s say that we want to email purchase orders with customized body and two additional attachments, which are arbitrary documents stored on file system, SharePoint or database. Instead of attaching documents with static content, we can also attach related reports, for example Purchase order product receipt (the procedure is similar). Navigate to Company/Accounts payable/Setup/Forms and […]