Video Webinar: Create Invoices With T&Cs Using Electronic Reporting

Webinar: Create invoices with Terms And Conditions using Electronic Reporting

How many times have you needed to append Terms and Conditions to your invoices? Or to embed product images and product specifications to make them look professional and appealing?

Is such a fully automated process an impossible task for non-developers? Not necessarily! Join our webinars and learn how to achieve this in D365FO. Check a practical, no-code approach by Klemen Novak to what Electronic Reporting and Docentric have to offer you.

In this webinar you will learn how to modify the ER Data model and Model mapping, which are provided by Microsoft for the Sales invoice report, to include and fetch Terms and Conditions in the customer language. Such a scenario is not feasible with ER Formats and Excel templates but luckily, with Docentric report designs it is!

As you have learned in our previous webinar Docentric Enhanced Configurable Business Documents, Docentric supports ER Data models as report data sources while retaining all the advantages of Docentric Designer. Therefore, the next step in the webinar is to demonstrate how to embed the newly added T&Cs into the invoice report template using Docentric Designer.

This webinar proves that Electronic Reporting used in combination with Docentric can truly empower functional consultants and end-users to achieve advanced reporting scenarios.

Webinar Resources

Demos in this webinar were showing some out-of-the-box D365FO features and some preview features of Docentric. If you would like to know how you could run such test scenarios yourself, please send us an email to

The webinar resources include presentation slides and they are contained in a zip file, which you can download here >>

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Klemen Novak
Solution Architect

With more than 15 years of experience in IT software development, project management and sales, Klemen always adapts to rapidly changing technology. His passion for all these exciting years has been in the field of transforming every business first mile, especially in the area of paperless business transactions.

In recent months, Klemen has been actively exploring Electronic Reporting and Business Documents to achieve advanced reporting scenarios. He will share his experience and show how Docentric can simplify some tasks considerably and even do things you cannot do with standard ER & BD.

If you are a functional consultant, power user or IT manager, and are looking for no-code ways of adding additional data and attachments such as T&Cs, product specifications or images to your reports, you wouldn't want to miss these two events.

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