Video Webinar: Docentric Enhanced Configurable Business Documents

Docentric Enhanced Configurable Business Documents

We invite you to watch our fourth and last webinar from the Configurable Business Documents in Electronic Reporting (CBD-ER) series. In this 45-minute webinar, we demonstrate how Docentric improves Configurable Business Documents in terms of design and printing.

In live demos, we demonstrate the implementation process of the most common customization requirements using both Configurable Business Documents and Docentric, comparing them side-by-side.

First, using the example of the Purchase order document, we explain how to reuse its ER Data model and replace its ER Format with a Docentric design. Then we compare the features and user-experience of ER- and Docentric- designers. The designing of ER Formats takes place in two locations: ER Format mapping designer and Excel/Word template, and also has numerous limitations. Opposed to that, when using Docentric designs, the whole job is done in a single Word document using a special Add-In, which is conveniently equipped with the user-friendly data-binding controls, grouping, filtering, sorting, the Preview function and much more.

Next, we explain the Print management- and Print destinations- related differences between printing an ER format and a Docentric design, both based on the same ER Data model of the same document. While an ER format is partly integrated with Print management and can only use ER Print destinations, a Docentric design based on the same ER Data model is printed using the significantly enhanced Docentric SSRS Print destinations.

If you are seriously considering CBDs, make sure you see this webinar!

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Sanja Kolundžija
Software Architect

Sanja has been part of the team that is implementing the Docentric Enhanced Configurable Business Documents ever since the announcement of Microsoft Configurable Business Documents. She enjoys being in contact with the community, implementation partners and clients and is passionate about the Docentric product and the way in which it improves D365FO document generation and distribution.

For the last webinar in this series, Sanja is building upon the foundation set by her teammate Albin, who presented the basics of Electronic Reporting and demystified Configurable Business Documents. She will uncover the missing piece of information: how to get the best of both worlds, flexible Electronic Reporting Data models on the one hand and the user-friendly, time-saving Docentric designer and improved print destinations on the other. If you are a functional consultant, IT manager or power user, the presented content and scenarios will help you to make an informed decision about the optimal tools for your reporting needs.

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